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I ordered ADT from a flyer and 1-800 number that said ADT. They installed on June 19th. The system hasn't worked for 9 days at this point and that is with a false alarm thrown in. So for 55 days, one false alarm and nine straight days on a non working system.

I called them on day 1 of the system being down and they informed me I do not have ADT, I have Defender (there local company). Defender scheduled a repair during my work day for the following Wednesday. They never showed up after I took time off from work. I called ADT at the end of the day and they contacted the Defender people who informed them that they did, infact, come to the house and fix the system. I assured the ADT people they did not and even asked them to try to connect tot he system. They were unable to connect. They placed me on hold and called Defender again. When ADT came back on the phone they informed me that they were mistaken, the tech did not come to the house but rather called and I (or someone) told them the system was working. I informed ADT that I have one cell phone, no other people in the house and no land line and I DID NOT SPEAK TO THE TECH. They then transferred me to the Defender customer service . The Defender operator told me the tech had called the wrong number and the person said they were me and reported the system working so the tech cleared the service call. What? A wrong number identified them as me and said the system was working? Come on. That's a joke!!!

The Defender guy then informed me that the tech would be there on Friday afternoon. I told him I cant miss another day of work. He said "What do you want me to do then?" So I told him to come get his system out of my house. He said there would be a 75% penalty for termination. I told him to take me to court and we will let a Judge decide who broke the contract for security service. He hung up on me.

We are now, 5 days later, ADT corporation says there is nothing they can do but if they get enough complaints they will get rid of a contractor (by the way I see Defenders name in here and all over several complaint websites so we must be close to the Defender contract being pulled right?). The Defender people will not come get the system and will not cancel the contract because I would owe 75%. I told them to bill me, collect on me, take me to court. They refuse and keep repeating "we will only come out to repair the system. We will not cancel your account."


P.S. I just closed my bank account so there is no way they can bill me even with the previous payment info.

Product or Service Mentioned: Adt Security System.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $273.

Preferred solution: Get the system out of my house..

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Hello. We are very sorry for this frustrating experience ADT and one of our authorized dealers, Defender Security.

If you would like for ADT to follow up with Defenders on your behalf to try and reach a resolution, please email us your phone number and address for where the service is located to AlwaysThere@adt.com, and reference this review in your email as well.

Please be advised that if you simply stop payment on your account, then it can be canceled eventually for non-payment, and Defenders will pursue you for early termination of your contract. -Andrew

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