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I had my alarm installed less than a month ago and had a break-in 5 days ago. My alarm was going off for 3 1/2 minutes before ADT even attempted to contact me and for 5 minutes before they called the police.

The burglars were able to take everything of value before the police arrived because of the delayed response from ADT. On top of that, two days later my control panel says low battery, so I called them and they assured me that it was just the backup battery and my alarm would be fine. This didn't make sense to me because we had not had a power outage so why should it be running on the backup battery? We armed the system and left the house.

When we arrived home 6 hours later the panel was completely dead and the system was not monitoring. I called ADT and their response was "Well, we can get someone out there on Thursday" which was 3 1/2 days away...UNACCEPTABLE! I asked for an emergency technician and they told me that it would be $253 for the first hour and $65 for each additional hour. No way, when the problem is clearly faulty equipment.

after talking to over 6 reps and 3 supervisors, they sent a technician at 7PM. When the technician came, he said the panel has the wrong transformer (power source) wired to it so he switched it to the "correct one." Within 2 minutes of him pulling off, we opened the front door, the alarm beeped, then popped, then started smoking, then completely died...again! I called the tech right away and he would not even come back. So I called ADT and they said that I would need a whole new panel.

They would send someone the next day. The next day, I leave work early to meet the technician. First of all, he was late. Then, he replaced the panel and the transformer, tested the system, and left.

we wake up this morning and we cannot arm or disarm the system. The ADT Pulse app is telling us that the alarm is disarmed and it is still registering the alarm from yesterday when the tech was testing the system, so we cannot arm or disarm the system. I called ADT this morning and the rep was so nonchalant about the situation. Told me to delete and reinstall my app...didn't work.

Then says...its a communication issue; we are having problems communicating with your system. But seconds earlier, he said your system is working fine and we are able receiving signals. I got so pissed off. I just hung up in his face.

I called back & tried to cancel my contract and they told me there would be a $1200 cancellation fee! I will not pay them another dime as long as I live! I have called a different home security company and they will be installing a new system this afternoon.

Do NOT rely on ADT to protect your home!!!! Or you will end up like me...having to replace all of your belongings because of a system that does not work and a company that does not care enough to even try to fix it!

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

ADT Cons: Customer service, Product, Misleading representatives, Local field service.

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Hello. I work with ADT's corporate office and I'm so sorry for this experience.

Can you please email us your contact information, for where the service is located, to AlwaysThere@adt.com and we'll follow up with you?

Thank you. -Andrew

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