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In June, I purchased a new home and was contacted first by a man who showed up at the door after dark to try to sell us a security system. When his initial sales pitch didn't work, he switched to scare tactics by attempting to enlighten us about how our home was being watched and people knew we had just moved into the neighborhood and we would be targeted for break ins. We sent him away. Next, we did contact a 'contractor' to get information about a quote. The day before that meeting was to happen, I was contacted by phone by another 'contractor' who told me that I should not sign anything but should get the cost information from the contractor with whom we had the appointment set, call the person who had phoned me and they would be able to 'beat their price.' When questioned about why that had to happen, I was told they needed to know the price they were competing with. I asked for their 'best price' and 'best deal' and was told they couldn't tell me that because they didn't know what the other contractor was offering. I attempted to point out that their best price SHOULD be the same regardless of what anyone else was offering, I was told that it just 'didn't work that way'. I ended that conversation immediately after hearing this. I was not interested in a bidding war.

The day we had the appointment with the contractor, we were presented with lots of good information and the sale was made (it had to be immediate or we would lose out on the pricing deal. Funny, it's now 3 months later and the pricing deal is still being advertised as it was in July). Our appointment was on Thursday and the install took place on Saturday. The equipment installed included a 'glass break' which would sense any breakage of glass near it and activate the alarm. The alarm was put into a mode that would allow us to acquaint ourselves with the system and play with buttons without fear of causing any false alarms. That was to last for 24 hours. That evening, we had company and were playing dominoes in the dining room, approximately 30 feet from the location of the glass break sensor. The dominoes were turned out of the box onto the dining room table causing a clattering sound. At about this same time, the ice maker dropped some cubes into the reservoir and the alarm started beeping. We read the instructions and followed the steps outlined to quiet the beep. It didn't work and I then tried to find a phone number to get help. The only numbers I'd been left were those of the sales person (left a message on that number) and the office (left a message there, too). Finally I was able to find a way to disable the system completely so it would stop beeping. Since it wasn't really activated yet, this didn't matter to me. Nobody returned a call until the next day and we were told the installer would be by that day (Sunday) to fix the problem. I went to bed at 10:30 P.M. and hadn't seen anyone yet. On Monday I called the sales person who contacted the 'supervisor of installers' and had him contact me. He insisted that his installer had been at my home on Sunday evening at 7:30 P.M. and had fixed the problem. I pointed out to him that one of us had been at my home waiting for the installer and it was, very obviously, not him so I supposed that I would have known if somebody had come to fix the problem. I also told him that there was no card left by the installer and he had not called either, so if by some weird chance I had missed him, he left no indication that he'd been here. By this time, I had had it with ADT and told them I wanted the system removed from my home because I felt that they were unresponsive to issues, were unable to fix the problem we were having and didn't seem to care about getting it fixed. They tried to cajole me into keeping the system by bribing me with offers for more sensors or a key fob to allow them to try again to fix it. I insisted that they either come and remove the system by Friday or they would be able to pick it up in a box from my front porch after I'd uninstalled it myself. They came and removed the system on Friday and I thought the problem was solved.

In August I received a monitoring bill from ADT and contacted the local office to have the charge removed from my credit card. The woman with whom I spoke told me very kindly that she would have it taken care of as soon as the 'woman in the national office returned from vacation' in a week. I waited for the charge to be removed and when the next credit card statement showed a second ADT charge, I called the number on the statement and explained my plight to a young man there. He said he saw the notes and it would be taken care of. In the meantime, I received a statement from ADT and called them directly, this time speaking to 'the woman in the national office who could get the charges removed'. I believe her name is Emily, but can't be certain. She assured me that it would be corrected before the next billing cycle. FINALLY, this promise was kept.

About another month went by I received a phone message from Travis, who asked me to call him on his personal cell. I returned his call and learned that he was under the impression that I wanted to speak to a distributor and was trying to set up an appointment so that we could talk about the system I was wanting. I politely explained that 1) I did not want to speak to a distributor 2) was totally uninterested in doing business with ADT for any reason and 3) did not want to hear from anyone there again.

Two weeks ago, I had another phone message from Travis to please call him on his personal cell because he understood that I wanted to set up an appointment to talk about a system. I did not return his call. This morning, I got a call from Randy who was trying to set up an appointment for me to speak with a distributor about a system. I was pretty short with Randy because by now, frankly, I'm TIRED of telling these people that I do NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES care to do business with them and have absolutely NO INTEREST in talking with anyone from their company and have told this to at least 4 different people who are connected with ADT. If I could get the contact information for him/her, I would send this information to the President of the company and request that a memo be sent to all people connected in any way with ADT directing them to NEVER contact me in any way, for any reason, at any time again.

Product or Service Mentioned: Adt Security System.

Reason of review: can't get them to stop calling and annoying me.

Preferred solution: full letter of apology from President of ADT, memo sent to all employees directing them to cease contacting me for any reason, all other contact to be stopped immediately..

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I've registered with the do not call registry. We just got a home phone installed, two days later ADT has called over 20+ times a day.

Everyday for over a week now. I tried being nice. That didn't work. I got rude.

That didn't work. I've screened and cursed them. They didn't work. I'm freaking pissed now.

How do I stop this before I loose my mind ???? Please Help.

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