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Just a warning to everyone.

My fiance and I met with an ADT security representative the other day. I am trying to start a home business soon and they were offering a great deal, a $1,200.00 security system for free. My fiance and I had some questions to ask before we even wanted to consider having them set up a security system. When the rep got to our home we made a little small talk and then, the rep took us by surprise. The rep stated that nothing about ADT and their services could even be discussed without our giving the rep our SSN's so our credit score could be checked. I was very reluctant to continue the meeting. We could not even ask any questions at all without giving our information. I kept hesitating, and the rep kept insisting that it was ADT's policy. So against my better judgement we both caved in. Our SSN's were scratched out infront of us after they were called in for the credit check. Then when our scores came back too low, the rep said that we would have to pay about $400.00 as a deposit right then and there before we could go any further. I said we would have to seriously consider it. And the rep left, NONE of our questions were ever discussed or answered and we never found out anything about ADT's security system.

We have decided NEVER to work with them again. I am still very upset by the entire meeting and the rep's conduct and how pushy the rep was.

When I originally made the appointment for the rep to meet with us, I was told that the rep would explain their security system, answer any questions we have, and that I was under no obligation to sign with them. HOWEVER, I was NOT informed of the credit check in advance, or that without it they can't even answer questions we had, if I had been, I NEVER would have allowed the meeting to take place.

Product or Service Mentioned: Adt Security System.

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Totally *** company and biased by doing this. To many others out there to bother, will go elsewhere


The same thing happened with me. I couldn't understand what our credit score had to do with my payment options and wouldn't give my information.

They ended the conversation quickly and said nothing else. All I was looking for was ballpark cost.

This now has caused me to look elsewhere. Their reps really need customer training.


You weren't dealing with ADT. ADT doesn't need a social security number & doesn't do credit checks.

There are many independent reps out there though who call themselves "ADT Dealers." They put in equipment & then sell your monitoring agreement to ADT.

If you are unsure (because many of them misrepresent he selves as ADT proper) ask for their e-mail address. If it doesn't end in, then they aren't ADT employees.


Samantha, I am currently employed by ADT in Miami FL, and your information is by far incorrect it is a company policy to check credit if you are requesting one of our free systems as we are providing a system with a value between $500-$2000 for free, If we did not check credit it would put our company at ricks of somebody having us install the alarm and then not pay the bill the following month and switch to a low cost , poor performance competitor and we would be out the cost of installing the equipment, However no employee should ever ask for the social upfront they are suppose to go over your options such as if you purchase the equipment or even pay for your services in advance. And also not all of our emails end in some end in tyco or simplexgrinnel

@adt miami

Today I spoke with an ADT rep and he insisted that he needed by SS# in order to do a credit check. When I told him I did not feel comfortable giving that information out over the phone his response was "that is ok, we can do your credit check with name, DOB and address but you will still need to provide you SS# to the tech when he comes out".

When I questioned why he would need my SS# if they could do the check without it his response was that they were a utility company, all utility companies require a SS# and since we were getting a "free" system they needed to check my credit.

Mind you I had not agreed to anything, I just wanted someone to come out and explain costs and options. So I am NOT giving you any of that information when I'm not "obligated" to purchase anything.


I realize that this is an old post, but I would add that they ran a credit check on us and wanted us to pay 1600 dollars up front for 36 months of service! We just bought our home three weeks ago so our credit isn't that bad.

. our home is already wired and came with adt equipment because the previous owners used them. I just wanted them to start service again and pay for it month by month, but NOPE! They wouldn't do anything for me.

I bought a 200,000 house and they won't trust me to pay 40 bucks a month ,. Insane


With all due respect, you may, in fact be dealing with ADT. The same thing happened to me and when I ordered a copy of my credit report ADT had indeed run my credit.

You can c confirm this practice by calling ADT corporate. Their reasoning is that they have to send a person out and time is money. In my case, I got tired of the bait and switch routine.

They used to be excellent. It's a good case study in how leadership can make or break a company.


Yes. Happened to us, too.

Feels more like an ADT scam instead of good business. We are super-careful to protect our credit score and don't need a lame hit from ADT bringing down our score. We said no, you have a credit card number, why do you want to do a credit check? We're not buying a house, we're buying a security system.

They persisted. AND they keep no matter how many times you tell them - the word doesn't get to the people making the phone calls. They're like used car salesmen - aggressive and not interested in your well being at all.

They don't even apologize for the inconvenience or give you another way of confirming you can afford their stuff. ***, ***, *** business practices.

AND they try to rush you through the process, like - "If I as them really quickly, maybe they won't notice" kind of way....hahaha... Get a better procedure, losers.

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