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I called ADT about a quote for our home, and they explained the equipment they would install and the price. Then the technician arrived for our scheduled appointment, who evaluated the home's needs, and he was eventually and unexpectedly joined by a 2nd ADT person.

Then they informed me that instead of the modest equipment charge I had agreed to on the phone, the cost would be close to $900 for equipment! (Except that with my wonderful credit, I could pay for it in 4 monthly payments.) My husband and I were committed to getting some home security, and after much discussion, my husband eventually over the phone worked out a plan for $400 in equipment, but that was still much more than what we were expecting and had been told over the phone. I am very disappointed with ADT's heavy handed business approach. In addition, they told me they got some existing equipment up and running and that appears not to be the case, so though we paid much more than expected we have less coverage than expected.

And the technical service rep I got on the phone after the installation acted as though he were doing me a big favor to answer my questions.

Bottom line: ADT's business model seems to be one of high-pressure sales, especially once in your home, and marginal customer service after you've signed an expensive contract. Beware.

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The same thing happened to my husband and me this morning. The second person, a "technician," arrived later and wasted our time going over everything the first person had done.

(He said he stopped by because he was in the area.) The first person initially quoted us a price of over $1,000 for the equipment. When we said no thank you, the technician worked with the numbers and magically got the price down to under $200. When we told him we needed a day or two to think about it, he threatened that we would only get that price today, because it costs ADT money every time they have to send a technician out. We didn't ask for the technician to come out - we only wanted a quote, and it took over two hours just to get that.

Absolutely ridiculous. And no, we did not purchase anything.

Jacksonville, Florida, United States #843748

Hello. This is certainly concerning and we'd like to look into this further.

My name is Andrew, and I work for ADT's corporate office.

Could you please email us your contact information to so that we may reach back out to you to help address your concerns? Thank you.

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