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If I could give no stars at all I would! We have had ADT for several years and we called to cancel our service. The rep asked why we were cancelling and I said because of cost. He said if you get a discount currently on your homeowners for security you will now lose that discount for not having an alarm service.

I mentioned that we hired a new company. The rep asked the name of the new company and I politely declined to supply the name. He demanded to know why I woudn't supply the name of the new company. He said if I didn't supply the name of the new company than I would have to cancel my policy in writing and that if I did supply the name of the company than they would allow mw to cancel service over the phone.

Then he attempted to bully me by saying "no one had ever refused to give him the name of the new company, or a reason for not providing the name. I said "I'm sorry this conversation is ended, I don't want to argue with you." and I hung up. The rep had the audacity to call me back to continue the argument with me! This company is extremely unprofessional! I have also filed a complaint with theAattorney General's office in Massachusetts.

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I saw this on another alarm board, you sound like a troll working with a competitor company.


Why wouldn't you provide the name of the new monitoring company? Sounds like you're being argumentative.

If you truly did change companies, it shouldn't've been a big deal. Adt contacts homeowners associations and police agencies in many cases to inform them they no longer monitor your home.

If u provide the name of the new monitoring company, they can provide this information so you may not have to reregister your alarm with the police, or lose your homeowners discount. Sounds to me like you were being intentionally deceitful and stubborn.

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