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Before you invest into and ADT Security System read this. I am a former employee of ADT Security services I worked in both install and service departments.

First and foremost ADT sub-contracts about 60% of its installs to outside contractors so when you get an installation you may not get an actual ADT employee but a subcontractor. In most cases the subcontractor does poor and *** work and after they've installed your system, they never return to fix any problems that they've caused. Instead they now just send out an actual ADT tech out that "IS" an ADT. Employee and he has to fix everything that the subcontractor did not install properly.

These SUB-CONTRACTORS are defined as authorized dealers. THEY WILL NOT BE DRIVING IN ADT SERVICE VAN, THEY WILL BE IN A PRIVATELY-OWNED VEHICLE AND THEIR PAPERWORK WILL HAVE A TAG ON IT THAT SAYS (ADT AUTHORIZED DEALER)! ACTUAL ADT SALESPERSONS DO NOT HAVE THAT AUTHORIZED DEALER TAG ON THEIR PAPERWORK. The service department is also required to use refurbished remanufactured parts, ( unbeknownst to the customer), to replace malfunctioning equipment on existing accounts.

So to put it simply if you have an ADT alarm system in your house and you require a repair, the service tech is forced to use a refurbished or remanufactured part before he is allowed to use a new part. In most cases the part malfunctions requiring another service call to correct it. If the installer or service tech does not use the remanufactured part first he is most often chastised or later on written up if he continues this practice of not using the refurbished part first. So watch out you may be getting a remanufactured part rather than a new one even though you are paying for a service contract for new equipment Upon A repair.

You can identify this refurbished part because it comes in a plain box that has ADT all over it. That is not the actual box that they come in because the box is usually at clean or plain white or brown box with identification labels on it. I would also suggest that you shop around for the lowest price because ADT's contracts range anywhere from 45 to $60 a month for monitoring. ADT tries to sugarcoat their price by pushing ADT Pulse installs which allows you to remotely access your alarm.

BUT A GOOD PERCENTAGE OF THE TIME. POST EQUIPMENT FAILS REPEATEDLY IN REQUIRES A SERVICE TECH TO COME OUT AND RECONFIGURE THE SYSTEM AND EQUIPMENT. ADT still has what they call commissioned installers which means they are in a hurry to install your alarm system and most of the time stuff is installed with double-sided tape and after a few weeks or months it falls off of the surface or the walls. If you get a seasoned technician he will recommend screws and plastic anchors to keep your equipment from coming loose but the installers are in a hurry because they are commissioned so they really do not care about the quality of their work.

I know this also because once again, once the installer leads to home owners house the poor service tech has to come out and clean up whatever screw-ups the installer has done. ADT is also not owned by the same company anymore. The are now owned by Protection One, feel free to confirm this, whose sole purpose is acquiring companies. They do not care about the quality of work they do.

They only care about their Fortune 500 ratings so they are working their texts 6 days a week. Most of the texts are burnt out in a most of them have quit because of this. I almost forgot to mention when you call in to the call center for a service call cross your fingers because you may get a good representative or you may get one that is rude and ignorant I have had heard many complaints from actual customers how rude the service call center was when it called in for the service call. In my opinion if you are paying for a service and you call for a service call that people should treat you very nice and kind but customers repeatedly have told me that the representative on the phone was very rude and ignorant to them.

In closing ADT used to be a very good company had high quality Equipment and good installers and Technicians. Now that the older guys have left the company they are left with a new breed of installer / Technician which really have no work ethic and they don't care about what is going on or how is installed.

I would seriously consider another alarm company instead of going with ADT who is hiding by their Saying of, "ADT Cares. The truth is, ADT ACTUALLY DOES NOT CARE"!!!

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