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ADT is Horrible: We had Brinks, who became Broadview, who became ADT. We moved to another home. The move of your system is supposed to be "free". The new home was bigger than the old one, so more equipment was needed...we understood that. The quote for the new system was REDICULOUSLY out of touch with reality. I asked for a better quote, and told them I would have to shop around if they couldn't do better. They came back with the same quote and didn't seem to care that I was going to shop around.

We called Guardian and they had a much, much better deal, so we went with them. Now, even though we were near the end of the ADT contract, they claim we owe them $329.00 because we broke the contract. I appealed to their customer loyalty director, and just like a little trained monkey, he kicked back a "form letter" to me to deny my request.

Bottom line: If you move, they WILL NOT move your system for free. They will instead, JACK up your installation so high it will blow your mind. Then, you can either go with their system that IS NOT competive, or you can pay them $329.00 to walk away. Either way, you LOSE MONEY.

I would NEVER do business with this company again, and would warn anyone else about this who is thinking about using them.

Product or Service Mentioned: Adt Installation.

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More blinding ignorance... Your old brink's contract spells out CLEARLY their relocation offer.

ADT is OBLIGED to honor it. ALL SECURITY COMPANIES WILL GIVE YOU A FREE BASIC SYSTEM WHEN YOU MOVE, SO LONG AS YOU'VE BEEN A CUSTOMER FOR ROUGHLY 24 MONTHS OR LONGER. What kind of *** thinks that they'll get an extensive, deluxe security system for free when they move and have paid the company for 2 years of monitoring? These are businesses just like the one that YOU WORK FOR and if they don't earn a profit THEY DON'T EXIST.

Had you bothered to read the contract that you signed you wouldn't have been disappointed. Good luck with Guardian, LMFAO.

Be sure to post again in a couple of years about how much worse they are. Bad choice...

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