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ADT is by far the worst monitoring company of alarms...Hit your panic button sometime if you do not believe me.I install alarm systems, and here is what most people do not know...Cut the phone lines to the house at the plastic easy to open box located at a dark and well hidden location outside your house...Alarm What? No alarm now,No Cops are coming,No call from ADT,Monitronics or the other ones....

And the GSM Cell Guard the salesperson talked you into??? It may or may now work just like your cell phone drops calls,the gsm drops them too,and when you feel you need it most???? It may or may not work. Bottom line, Stick to the old way of dealing with a burglary..

Call 911 if you are home,Call your Insurance company if you are not.Beef up the security of your home with lighting,removing the little red rope on your garage door opener,and if you are a high risk individual, think about making the perimeter of your home tough enough so no one can break in quickly.All of these monitoring companies are concerned with is your monthly residual income.

Feed the machine and let big companies rob your money if you still believe in the "protection" they are selling... Hit a panic on your alarm right now with a stopwatch and see if you feel you are getting what you pay for.

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I have a cellular unit and have never had any alarms not making it to the monitoring company. I guess this is a YMMV situation.


You know what makes a company good, the consumers. and when thousands of customers want to be treated special and don't give a frank about the regulations that a company has to adhere to.

That helps them do their job accordingly then thats why service goes down. because everyone is in it for themselves.


ypur just mad because no ones buying your junk


kudos to you for getting the truth out about this unethical company. hopefully consumers will take your advice and not use this company. maybe if the word continues to be spread,this bleeper bleeping company can be put out of business!!!!!!

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