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First the Good. We've had Pulse service for over a year. It works great. Easy to arm/disarm system from smartphone, check motion inside house, check thermostat temps and settings.

The bad. Terrible Customer Service!

We recently tried to add monitored video and a keypad deadbolt to our house. The cost was high but we liked the idea of remotely viewing our property and locking the house (in case it was in question). Two weeks ago I contacted the "upgrade your system" people at ADT. Was greeted by a very nice, likely new person who was very helpful (good so far right?). We discussed adding cameras to the interior and exterior of the house. They had a special of free installation and free indoor camera. Long story short, after 35-40 minutes we have arrived at a sales price and service fee increase which was very favorable. (Still good so far) During the conversation the salesperson checked the quotes frequently, putting me on hold (apparently discussing with a superior) and coming back with even better pricing. The call was concluded and I was told the installer would contact me.

Several days later the installer showed up with a completely different work order and price. I discussed the discrepancy and he told me to call customer service. He would start working on what I had agreed to have done initially. (Now the not-so much Fun.)

I discussed the discrepancy with customer service. She said the order the installer had was what was in the system. She stated that a supervisor would have to pull the tape of my original discussion and get back with me. I gave her two days to reply. The installer left, after trying to sell me the item I really wanted at full price. He also gave me an inflated service cost increase quote.

Two days later I had gotten no reply (of course, they were wrong and knew it). I then went through Five, count 'em five reps, with no solution. I was referred to local sales. Two more days passed and the local sales person called, of course with no detailed info of my experience to date and said she could not honor the agreement. I needed to talk with corporate sales again. DONE! A bait and switch had just taken place. I'm not playing their game any more.

I have just purchased my own camera system and will be happy to not give ADT any more business.

Customer service (after the sale) is HORRIBLE!! Don’t call Customer Service and expect anything but the runaround and lies!

Product or Service Mentioned: Adt Installation.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

ADT Cons: Customer service, Sales.

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ADT uses outdated Equipment and Prices are Sky High!!!! Example: Quoted 10,000 to install 8 hardwired ANALOG cameras.

The industry is has since started the transition to IP cameras with better quality. The wireless Keypad Quick Connect is a push button joke, while all of the competitors are using touchscreens. You may be the biggest company but you are far from the best. I was Quoted from a competitor 6700.00 for IP cameras.

They treat their employees like ***, which leads to workers who could care less about their own company.


I have installed a 1080p IP system (four cameras) for $1700. Works great and the app for iPhone is good also.

SCW is the company.

Tried to get ADT to monitor my system and was told they had to install some sort of gizmos that would convert my IPOE camera system to ADT compatible. Couldn't guarantee it would work and there was a stiff upgrade fee for each gizmo and service fee for monitoring. I have Pulse system with ADT an have have good success with basic system, but NO success with any upgrade ideas. The local sales rep is lazy, cancels appointments and works from a retail price book.

She has never even tried to negotiate cost. Just greedy I guess. Always says she'll have to check (with someone??) She'll continue to lose the company business and upgrade customers.

- current St. Augustine customer


Hello. I work with ADT's corporate office and I would like to apologize for this frustrating experience.

I understand you've proceeded with purchasing your own camera system, & we want to look into this concern further to make sure this is addressed. Could you please email us your contact info for where the service is located, to, and we'll follow up on this.

Thank you. -Andrew


lost new customer based on reviews. i was about to call ADT to set up service, however, after reading many of the hundreds of reviews with the same underline, bad customer service, i will search for another company. it is sad that what was such a reputable company has now turned into a the 'comcast' of security

i rather not get the 20% discount on my home owners insurance than to deal with such nightmares that go unresolved as many of the reviews post

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