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I was surprised to discover that I would be charged a fee because I only gave a two week notice instead of a 30 day notice when I terminated my account with ADT. I have been a customer for thirteen years. The price keeps going up and the service goes down. Now they have taped calls in response to a distress signal instead of a human response.

I previously submitted a review a few minutes ago.

I am adding to it to clarify the amount of the termination fee. It is unknown at this time. I was forced to put an amount in the box provided so I entered nines. It might be the next quarter's bill of $135.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

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I just found out that the charge is lower than I previously thought.

ADT wants to charge me $24.117 for two weeks to complete the thirty day notice they demand for cancellation. I still think it is unfair an unjustified.


Wow I feel you definitely. I had an experience with them about 3 years ago and they were telling me the exact same thing as well: 30 days or you get slapped with an extra bill to say bye-bye.

Decided to look around for a new solution, turns out there are a lot of other smart locks and home security systems out there that are pretty good.

I'm using KISI for door access and Honeywell for security.

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