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My 2 year contract was up and so I called into cancel the service and spoke with Tasha who was very polite and let me know about a deal they're having for me to receive 3 months of ADT for free to let me decide if ADT is still right for me. I asked her repeatedly, at least 3 times, "Ok, so if I cancel within the 3 month period I will not get charged for those months." She says "yes yes yes." Great so I decided to sign up for that deal. A couple days later I call back because I had just canceled my telephone service and so I thought that wouldn't work out with ADT anyway. Tasha once again took my call and was polite in the beginning letting me know that there is an option for ADT to work without a telephone system. I politely declined. Then she "gets started on my cancellation" and I hear her say, ok I'm going to cancel the 3 months and then you'll just be charged from 06/01-06/19. At first I said "ok", then I remembered she said I wouldn't be charged if I called back before the 3 months was up. And she completely shut me out and said "NO, THAT'S NOT WHAT I SAID." So naturally I called her a liar. I repeated what she said to me the other day "If I called before the 3 months was up, I wouldn't get charged." She just repeated her self and said "No, that's not what she said." So, then I raised my voice a little because I was upset and called her a liar again and she actually talked back to me and said something like I don't have to take that tone with her. *** you lied to me and you're trying to take my money... my tone is appropriate. So I tell her to just hurry up and cancel. And she tries to rush me off the phone saying that it's already been canceled and tries to hang up on me not giving me any confirmation about the cancellation. But I catch her before she hangs up, and I ask for my invoice and she replied with an attitude saying it would come in the mail. Basically it was a good thing I called just a couple days later to cancel that 3 month *** instead at the end of it, because apparently they can cancel out that promotion whenever they feel like it and charge me anyway.

Oh, and 2 years ago when I signed up I remember having a problem contacting the sales rep that sold the system to me. I was trying to contact them on something free that they promised but I never got, but I was never able to get a hold of them. I just kept leaving voicemails and getting no return call. And I remember them saying "If you have any questions about your package, just give me a call."

ADT CUSTOMER SERVICE SUCKS. The actual system is ok. It works, but I really don't need to be lied to and conned out of my money. Ridiculous!

Product or Service Mentioned: Adt Customer Care.

Monetary Loss: $30.

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Hi there. My name is Andrew and I work out of the corporate office for ADT.

I'm very sorry to hear about your experience and would certainly like to look into this concern further and help. Please email us your contact information to and we'll follow up with you.

Thank you. - Andrew

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