La Porte, Texas

ADT!!!!!!!!!!! I sold my house on 06/08/2011.

I am building another one and moved in with a friend while the house is being built. I suspended my brinks/ADT account while building on 06/02/2011. Unbeknownst to me, I recieved a cancellation bill in the mail for $692.

I have had Brinks for 20 years and am a loyalty customer with a rate from 20 years ago. I called and they said I can still pay at the old location or continiue to pay monthly as before, but I will recieve no service, but must pay them or pay out my contract!

Product or Service Mentioned: Adt Account.

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Unlike utilities, there is a law that states monitoring must continue for thirty days. It also states this in your contract.

You cannot suspend service, only continue or cancel the contract. It also stated this in your contract.



Basically paid for a service that was not hooked up for 6 months so I refused to pay and every time I called to cancel they gave partial credits to keep me. Long story short - I was billed for breach of contract after it took them 4 months to get it connected correctly.

Sucks. :x


This company ADT penalized me with a reinstatement of Paying quarterly,previously I paid by the month. Increased fees, demanded auto/debt form of payment. Sign new contract even though I had been a monthly customer for years :cry :cry


I just notified ADT that I am moving after 14 years of service that started with Brinks; they want a 30-day notice to flip the switch. This is a revenue generating practice that is unfair to consumers.

Utilities companies and simular companies all need 1 day or less notice to make it happen. I am very displeased with this lack of customer service and inconsideration. I will look elsewhere when signing up from another service.

Which by the way with ADT you will have to sign a 3-yr agreement. Ridiculous!

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