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I'm in a rental home and got ADT to revamp and begin monitoring the existing alarm system that was already here. I don't remember being advised of there being a mandatory 3 year contract period, but it's in the fine print of the copy of the documentation I dug up when I tried to call and cancel, so fine.

My issue is that I'm moving & am willing to take ADT with me TO FULFILL THE CURRENT CONTRACT TERMS (another 14 months). But they're saying I either have to transfer to the new residence, thus starting a NEW 3yr contract, or pay the termination fees, which they're estimating are MORE than the total I'd pay over the 14 months when they're supposed to be 75%. What kind of options are those to choose from?!? They offered to cancel, charge the WRONG price and then go thru the dispute process.


These people are ridiculous!! I'm going to keep trying to get out of it, but in the meantime I'd rather just keep paying the bill like I haven't moved.

Monetary Loss: $450.

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Alex c

I just got adt installed and got my sales representative to reduce to one year. Maybe you should schedule a rep to come out and see if they are willing to do one year. I can find the name of the guy who helped me out but don't recall off top of my head

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