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Watch this story about what happened to me and see what you think about ADT now. This company took advantage of me and put my home at risk - they were the cause of my home being burglarized and I will never trust their company again!

I can't believe the deliberate disreguard to my safety.

ADT does not proactively monitor your system - if your system fails to send a signal when there's a break in then tough cookies for you! ADT does not watch your system every 5 min like you would think they would.


Monetary Loss: $14000.

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Another classic case of "i expect my electronics to work without any responsibility on my part". In your contract, and common sense, it states to test your system monthly to ensure it's working.

If u don't do that, how in the world do u know it's working? Are next gonna blame drs because u find out you've been sick, but never took the initiative to get yourself checked up? Good lord.

And to blame adt for the burglary, instead of the BURGLARS, is redundant. Quit whining.


That makes zero sense, as your analogy really makes zero sense. Why are you comparing apples to zebras?

ADT's job is to protect against burglars. Therefore, if the system is not working properly, they do not do their job that you pay them for beforehand. Correct me if I'm wrong, but people do not pay their doctors beforehand for ongoing services that make it their job to PREVENT them from getting sick. If you're not a good deductive thinker and can't say logic is your strong point, QUIT trying to make people look ***.

It's not whining when it's a pissed consumer site anyway. If you don't like it, stay off the site.

It's probably a good idea for you anyway. Good tip.


The best part is that I actually did have ADT test my system. I went out of town a week prior to the robbery.

They tested my system when I called in that week because I wanted to ensure it was working. It was eventually determined by my insurance company that ADT's battery backup system failed. I had this installed as a secondary measure, which was necessary when the burglars ripped the unit off the wall. When Hurricane Ike came the battery on it cellular backup unit died.

I called ADT for weeks to have it replaced since it wouldn't stop flashing red saying there was a problem. They finally came out and did something to the unit, a few months prior to the burglary, though obviously it wasn't enough. The unit should have been replaced. My insurance company said the loss wasn't worth going after ADT for and that I had written all my rights away in the contract anyway so getting them to cover faulty systems is practically impossible.

I've read similar stories where people were murdered because of failed ADT systems. They should not be allowed to advertise "Always there", they were not for me.

And when I was robbed, they actually wanted to charge me for termination fees for cancelling my contract on the failed system. They are unbelievable.

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