Carolina Shores, North Carolina
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Your Company has to be the most unprofessional, unethical, fraudulent security I have ever encountered. I called for information, on June 30' 2015, just info on pricing, I did not order the system and ADT pulled a credit file without my approval.

Then I receive my credit card bill and find a charge on it for $105.68. I never ordered the system, I never gave anyone the idea that I would order a system all I wanted was pricing. To top it off I had a ADT Rep call me because I registered a complaint about the charge and why did the pull a credit file. Well, it was like an integration, I did not believe how he spoke to me.

I was absolutely disgraceful, questioning me like I was accused of a crime.

I am reporting ADT to the NC attorney General for consumer harassment. I was one of the ADT executives to send me an apology letter for such unbelievable treatment

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

ADT Cons: Attorney general will contact you.

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How did they get your credit card information?


you i know i am shocked as to why a class action law suit hasn't hit them yet. both ADT and Tyco.

the review s about them are unbelievable. its sad that companies like this are still allowed run in america

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