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Update by user Oct 08, 2014

Ha, Ha! Seriously?

I thought I was being sarcastic last time when I said I'll probably get another bill I would have to battle, but sadly I was just right. It is October now, and I got another bill, this time for $299.10. And yes, my account is still active, and no, there is no record that I have ever requested to be disconnected, but yes, there is a record that I hung up on one of the customer representatives, but of course, no mention of why was I so displeased with them, or what did they do to solve the issue.

Not only that, but I hear now for the first time since the many months this has been going on, that you can't even cancel your service over the phone and I have to send a letter, not even a form, but a letter I would have to compose in my own sweet words, to the corporate office.

What century are we in, and can this be more cumbersome or painful?

Should I mention again that the alarm in question doesn't exist anymore and there hasn't been any signal from it for more than half a year now? What on earth is ADT monitoring for me and what are they charging me for anyway?

It appears to me that this is a deliberate tactic, ADT's policy in fact, and customer service is encouraged to be ambiguous and inefficient when they deal with cancellations.

I guess this is how they stay in business, by milking the last possible drop from every customer they can get, by any means. Surely not thorough the quality of their services.

Original review posted by user Aug 11, 2014

After years of poor service (e.g. panic code entered from my address, after which ADT called to verify if there was any problem...3 HOURS LATER!) I cancelled the service in February 2014.

Immediately phone calls started pouring in asking me to come back, offering newer and greater services, etc, which I denied. A bill came in May, which, like a good citizen, I paid thinking it might be the balance on my account up to discontinuation date. Now is August, and another bill rolls in. When I called them up, I was told that my account has never been disconnected, there is no record of such request or any phone call, they can disconnect it now, but I still have to pay.

Seriously? The dam alarm has been taken off the wall, what the *** were they monitoring all this time? That goes to illustrate the amount of "protection" you get from them. Not to mention the casual attitude of the customer representative (Larissa) the fact that the manager (Davina) could not be reached..."busy" as she was.

So in conclusion, doing my part as a customer, paying on time, following the proper disconnection procedures etc. was not enough. I was supposed to check on them make sure they did their job and operated the change in the system, and now that I didn't do that, is "nothing they can do", I am supposed to pay for their incompetence, since they have no "proof" I have really called and cancel. Then why did they flooded me with all the "we want you back" phones and flyers, I wonder.

They'll graciously cancel my service now. And then what? check on them everyday make sure that it was processed this time and the recording is still on file, until I get another bill that I'll have to battle? It is not my job, miss "busy" manager, it's yours!

Since there is nothing that ADT will do, I am of course going to ask for help from the Consumer Advocates Bir. and BBB, but I'm so disgusted with ADTs sad performance.

Product or Service Mentioned: Adt Account.

Monetary Loss: $150.

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File suit in small claims court for relief. Or call a local TV station that does consumer "assistance". Good luck.

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