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I have been an ADT customer for 5 years. Saturday night my home was broken into and the alarm system failed to notify anyone of the occurrence. The burglar was able to rip the panel from the wall before it activated and the system did not recognize that there was a problem. The burglar was able to take as much time as he needed and took whatever he wanted.

When I just spoke to ADT they told me that is just how the system works and there was nothing they could do.

Why would they sell an alarm system that may not be any sort of protection at all (other than protecting the ADT executives from having to live in the same neighborhood as I do)?

5 years of monthly payments for this tough luck story?!?!?

I will urge anyone and everyone to get this message out because our, if not even you or your, loved ones are not as safe as the salesman selling the system may tell you.

Thank God my wife and daughter were not home at the time or who knows how this story would go

Product or Service Mentioned: Adt Customer Care.

Monetary Loss: $5000.

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