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In February I called ADT/Protect Your Home Co to have an alarm installed. I was quoted a price to have the system fully installed in my house including door sensors for the front door, and two rear glass doors. Once I agreed to have the system installed and the tech came out to my house, I experienced ADT's first false advertisement. The system included in the price quoted to me does not include monitoring glass breakage of the rear doors. Instead it only monitors someone opening the door. I know how to lock my doors, I'm specifically concerned about someone breaking the glass and walking through the door without opening it. I was not in the mood to argue with the tech so I paid the extra amount.

Several months after the installation, I received a phone call saying that I had to pay a permit fee. I am certain the sales man I spoke to originally said that they would cover all permits. I told the person who repeatedly called me at work that I was told I did not have to pay this permit fee. After several calls, I asked to have the system removed and a full refund to which I was told that I would still have to pay out the 3 year contract. I asked to speak to a manger who immediately told me that the permit was already pulled and that I did NOT need to pay it. I asked him why I was harassed to pay this fee to which he simply apologized and assured me it would not happened again. Earlier this week (end of May) I got another call at work telling me I have to pay the permit fee. I told the person that I already spoke to a manager to which she said that the Manager said that now I had to pay the permit fee.

I wrote ADT directly but four days later I still have not heard back from them. I can only assume that they approve of Protect Your Home's unethical behavior and deceptive sales strategies. Yesterday I received a letter from ADT/Protect Your Home with a collection notices saying that I am overdue on my payment.

Product or Service Mentioned: Adt Installation.

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What action did u take, I am also facing same issue.


They're doing the same thing to me right now. I'm sick of their ***.


From chicago illinois thought I was getting good deal but what got was a lie and they cut my service off for a hidden service fee that isn't in my contract install was 79.00 and then they said 42.00 a month to pay in quaterly payments 145.00 but the 87.00 hidden came up after I made the 145.00 payment now my service shut until I. Pay.

This 87.00. And oh by the just the june 27th 2012 and my september bill is 145.oo plus late charge and the 87.00


Log your factual complains with BBB (make sure to file against Protect Your Home and ADT) and make sure to call ADT directly. They won't fix everything but you might get some relief. And when your contract is up - tell ADT to go shove it!


All I have to say is read the contract before you sign it. That would prevent 99% of the complaints on here.

Adt doesn't do month to month. It's a thee year contract! And if the POLICE DEPARTMENT requires a permit in order to respond to your alarm, that is your responsibility!

Again, it's in the contract! Ugh!


How funny that this happens all to often. I am located in Tampa, FL.

I recently bought a new home and moved in 3 weeks ago. I am renting out my older house which is about an hour away and had Brinks/Broadview/ADT at that house for about 15 years which was month to month. The new house had equipment already installed by the builder which worked fine. After i called to xfer the service to the new home, a rep (who we'll refer to as John) came out.

He told me that we had xfer credits available because of the xfer of service from old to new house. I asked him to take that money off my bill. He proceeded by stating that they cannot do that but we shouldn't waste them. So I agreed to have them install 2 new pads and a new motherboard with those credits.

I was told that this was simply a xfer and I believed him. i specified to him that i wanted to stay month to month and he said it wasn't an issue. Unfortunately I didn't fully read what I signed and this was a 3 year agreement. Which I found out later.

Since then, a tech came to hook up service and install the pads and motherboard. It worked for 1 day. After that, a zone went offline, a couple days later, another zone. Another tech came out to fix that issue but when he left, the other pad kept beeping saying OC which is open circuit.

Another phone call led to another tech coming out again tonight -- we'll see if this can finally be fixed properly. In the mean time, I've been calling about the 3 year agreement. Customer service gave me the phone number to John's local sales office manager, Anthony. I spoke with Anthony twice in one day and that was it.

I've left messages on his work and cell phone the proceeding 5 days and have yet to receive a call back. Cust service cannot do anything for me and continue to say that it's the local sales manager i need to speak to....This is SUCH A SCAM. I don't sign contracts with anyone, even my cable is month to month. Oh, btw, i just received a bill from my old residence which was cxl'd over a month ago.

I bet that won't get resolved either.

Tonight we write letters. This company sucks - - Brinks was the way to go.


I recently bought a house and had ADT installed. I have seen so many ads for 99 installation online and I just called the number and had someone come out and install the service.

Of course that 99 install wasn't really an option because I needed to have a ground telephone line so I was put into the electronic monitoring package and supposed to be given a 250 rebate which never showed up. I paid for the service, but they are claiming it was rejected. Looking back on the materials I signed I see a ton of small lightly colored print in legalese. I left home for a trip recently and the system would not turn on.

When I called to ask if the system was working if they could check on it. They told me that was not possible unless a tech came out, which seems odd given its a wireless system they are supposed to be able to monitor...wirelessly. When I said I wanted to cancel my service they told me I had signed a 3 year contract (which they failed to mention before signing) and if I wanted to cancel it that I would be responsible for 75 per cent of the remaining contract. WTF?!

This seems entirely deceptive to me. Either I want service or I don't. Also when they refer me to the installation agreement addendum it doesn't have any date filled in as to when the service needs to be cancelled. WOW!

What an awful company. I've seen many people who likely work for ADT or its affiliates bashing consumers on here.

When I call a company like ADT I expect to be dealing with ADT and not some other 3rd party who is going to scam me into signing a 3 year contract without giving me all the details. Its just un-AMERICAN...Happy 4th of July!


one other thing, call ADT directly 800ADTASAP, explain what happened and as for a manager, then ask for their manager.

Explain the situation to that person and see if they can work with you on this, or transfer your service to a new house.

ADT can do shorter contracts, even 1 year if you ask the rep. Most of the Corp Reps dont want to do that since that effects their commission, but if pushed, they will


You sign up with a 3rd party who claims to be ADT and even has misleading ads they have out, and you expect them to be on the up-and-up???

Just like with anything, If a company is giving you something that sounds too good to be true, it IS! Why did you all Protect Your Home, and not ADT directly?

I'd guess it was for the "special deal" you got that ADT couldn't offer, and now you know why, that dealer is unprofessional!

Bottom line, a dealer is out there to sell a system for cheap, get it installed and resell the contract to ADT. Then they wash their hands of you.


Make sure to log your issues with the BBB and make sure you are dealing with ADT and not just there contractor. I don't think they will let you out of the 3 year contract but you might be able to get some relief. Good luck!


I was lied to also as the sale person as they came around the neighborhood said giving away free equipment.

said i could cancelled after a Month adt collection company call me and i payed $1400.00 divide up between 4 credit cards and they said i sign up for 3 yrs contract and i also called and left a message at the secure watch company in tenn and no one return my called and they also claim my mailing address was mess up.


I know the feeling of being lied to. I asked the salesman if I had to sign a contract and he told me no I was able to cancel at any time.

Well after being lied to about installation fees I am trying to cancel and was told I signed a 3 yr contact . I called sales Mgr and of course had to leave a message. I am trying to cancel everything because I hate being lied to.

What a scamming company. Don't trust adt they will disappoint you.

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