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Today the city shut down the power grid. I was not worried while at work because my newly installed ADT system has a battery system so everything still works like my alarm and cameras.

well so i thought. Turns out the installer lied to my husband myself to the specific question what happens if they cut our power to get around the systems? He assured us the system battery keeps EVERYTHING in working order and adt can still monitor etc. Well i come home our touch pad is not working, our cameras are not working, the ring bell camera is not working.

THAT DOES NOT SOUND LIKE EVERYTHING STAYS RUNNING. when i called the service line they tried to help my troubleshoot and gor fustrated with me, but when i did not it know all the technical lingo the knew he acted as though i was inconveniencing him. Then he tells me to send someone out starts off at aroubd 150 dollars for the firsr hour and around 40 bucks for every 8 minutes over that. Keep in mind 3 weeks ago i spent 2000 to install this system.

Then the very point that the technician who installed our system lied about its security and abilities which led us to sign that contract. Asked to speak to a supervisor who was very unkind and when i asked for a refund of my installation fee he told me if i did not pay it they would stop services and go into collections. The best they could do was to speak to the technicians manager.

Meanwhile i purchased this system for the peace if mind when i leave my home because i sufferred a burglary. Now that peace of mind is gone because who knows when i leave if my security system even works.

Product or Service Mentioned: Adt Security System.

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

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Pete K

My sentiments.


Hello - We thank you for reaching out to us. ADT sincerely apologize for any system features that were not explained and poor customer service that you received.

Please be advised that the security system and Pulse system are two separate services, while they work together. ADT does not monitor Pulse, as it is a user based, home automation service. The security system has a backup battery to keep it powered for hours, in the event of a power outage. Pulse does not.

Even if Pulse did have a backup battery, if your internet is not powered, your cameras would have been offline anyways.

We apologize still for any misleading expectations that you were given. ~Tréchell


Yes that misleading information Also known as consumer fraud. But thank you for your canned apology.

Pete K


Pete K

What a canned response, really?

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