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My elderly mother has had ADT for 20 years and never been late on a payment. Due to her age and mental capacity, I moved her out of her home November 1st.

November 17th I called ADT to cancel her service and explained why. Since she was paid up through the month, I was told there would be no additional charges. December 9th I received a letter stating her payment was late. I called customer service and asked the status of the account and was told it was active.

When I questioned why she was telling me that after I had canceled over a month earlier, she put me on hold. After joining the conversation again, she informed me that the account was closed as of Nov. 18th and the balance was 0.00. She even stated that they no longer had the CC information which was how it was paid every month.

The conversation closed with her stating we would receive a cancelation notice.

I received the notice Dec. 18th. December 19th I received an invoice from ADT including a late charge! The same day my mother was woken by her phone from a debt collector ADT hired.

The company is EOSCCA. It was a recorded message telling her to call them. My Mom was very confused and I told her I would call back. December 20th the same debt collector called and I called them back only to find out that ADT had turned her now closed account over to them.

The same day I again called ADT and asked the status of the account. I was again told it is active! After a very frustrating conversation and being put on hold again, I was informed that the account was closed on November 18th and ADT would be "crediting" the invoice amount back. I then asked why they turned the whole thing over to a collection agency especially after a 20 year history of flawless payments and the response was "well she was late".

I then asked them to not have the collection agency attempt to call my Mother and she informed me that ADT could not do that.

So, what type of sleazy, overpriced rip-off is this company? When I look at how much money my mom turned over to them (Over double what the competition is) and how they treated such a good and loyal customer as she was ending her life, it makes me sick to my stomach.

Product or Service Mentioned: Adt Account.

Monetary Loss: $1200.

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Good Afternoon, my name is Andrew and I work out of ADT's Corporate Customer Relations office. I am very sorry to hear about you nad your mothers poor and frustrating experience and would like to assist you further.

Please email us your contact information to CustomerConcerns@adt.com and we will reach out to help.

Thank you. -Andrew


Obviously they do not care about the damage inflicted on an elderly customer who gets even more confused when COLLECTION AGENCIES harrass them because of ADT inefficiency to the simple act of CANCELING an accouint even though they have never even been late in payment in their whole life !! This report is all that i needed to read before I made the decision NOT TO EVER use such sleazy company !!

They e-mail me offers everyday offering the Best service in security in the world but after reading the hundreds of thousands of negative reviews and this last one on how they ABUSE their customers and the Harrasment from Collection Companies i made my decision NEVER TO USE them !! :(

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