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Update by user Jul 05, 2016

On 6/23 I got a call from Tiffany #13550 in accounting who told me they had reviewed the report from Chase and have authorized an additional 190$ to close out the claim. 290 + 190 does not equal the 1192 or the 895.95$ that I have receipts for.

So I tell her no, and say that I have the receipt from Ron for 1192$ and that it had been sent to Sam. She tells me that they have a copy of the receipt but they don’t care what the techs said. I ask her if they decided anything on the 27.99 per month fee and she tells me that the only way they can do that is to send out the the tech to rewrite the contract. I say fine, then SEND ME RON.

She tells me she will schedule Ron to come out the next day between 11 am and 3 pm. I tell her 3 times that if it is not Ron I will send them away – she tells me she is going to document it very clearly to send Ron Mallonee to rewrite the contract.

Sam then emails me and explains that Defenders has only approved that much as my mother was NOT charged retail price for the equipment and that is why they were not going to refund her what was quoted to her.

Later that evening I get a call from Deundre who left a message and what he said was his direct number to call him back at.

I called the number and get an automated line with 3 options – ADT corporate, Jobs with Defenders, or Other. I select other, then hang up and email Sam that it was not Deundre’s direct line.

6/24 – At 2:55 a technician shows up, not Ron, of course and wearing his toolbelt. For what Tiffany said was scheduled as a contract rewrite. He was sent away.

On this day Sam sent me the copy of the “legally binding but incorrect as to pricing electronic contract” he also informed me that they were aware of my Yelp reviews being updated daily. 

6/25 – Sam emailed me that Defenders told him they were going to contact me on 6/24; they had not other than to send the wrong technician. Sam also seemed to push hard on his being aware that they were aware I was posting about them on social media and to stop as he has the case. That is the only reason he cited as to why I should stop.

He then sent me a breakdown of what defenders said they removed: “This is how we got to the refund amount of $818.03 ($367.07 + $290.21 + $160.75) The customer returned the 2 (2-way) keyfobs that the customer paid $20 a piece ($40). The customer also returned a motion detector but they paid $0 for this item because it was free in the base kit. The customer then returned four shock sensors at $149 a piece ($596). The customer also returned 6 shocks at $20 a peice ($120).

That is because the customer was given 6 contact sensors at $129 each at no cost and the customer chose to upgrade the sensors to shocks and only had to pay $20 each to upgrade them. The others he had to paid for at full price because they were not covered in the promotion. Tax comes out to $62.03 $40 + $596 + $120 + $62.03 = $818.03” I then asked Sam how any of this is true because there had only ever been 2 keyfobs and I still have them; and the motion sensor as well as 3 shock sensors. He cannot/will not explain this glaring lie.

On 6/27 I received a phone call from someone named Stephanie at 480 731 9889 saying she was from ADT wanting to confirm my technician for Tuesday between 12 and 5; I asked her who made the appointment and she didn't know, when it was made and she didn't know. I told her that I hadn't scheduled an appointment for a tech since the one set for Friday and she said she would cancel it. I asked her if she was from ADT or Defenders and she said that it is the same thing. I called back to the number and spoke to Shannon who said she is with ADT, not Defenders and the technician was cancelled but was originally scheduled as a system removal.

We discussed what was going on and she sent me to the customer relations line where I was immediately transfered to Keke's Voicemail. I informed Sam of this and on 6/28 he told me someone I spoke to at ADT Corporate on 6/20 scheduled an ADT technician to be sent out. (Hello Sharice; cute that you send out a 131$ technician just to be a ***) Sam says he does not know why this was done but says it should not have been. I am also informed that Deundre told Sam he left me a voicemail on the house phone number on Monday – the number that never did have voicemail… On 6/29 Deundre calls me and informs me that they have rerereviewed everything and are now going to be giving a 534$ credit on top of the 290.21 that had been refunded because the amount paid was in fact full retail price.

I asked him to explain to me how 290.21 + 534 can equal 1192. He struggled a bit and then came up with the refund given in February of 367.07 + the 824 approved for the May refund does indeed add up to 1192. I asked him for an itemized list of everything that was installed and removed from the house and what the billing for it was. He then starts to list off that in February they removed 2 keyfobs and 4 shock sensors and the motion sensor.

In May they removed the 8 shock sensors. I asked him how they could remove 12 shock sensors when the legally binding yet inaccurate contract says 11 were installed – he said that yes 11 were installed. And I still have the 2 keyfobs. He then told me he needs at least 24 hours to “make the math work” 6/30 Deundre calls me, and goes through the list and how they had removed 2 shock sensors in February and 8 in May – all of which he said were paid for at retail price.

I inform him how cute it is that he managed to make the numbers add up on paper. Too bad the numbers don’t add up because I have 3 shock sensors here and the motion sensor and the keyfobs. Deundre then handed off the phone to his manager who offers me 200 or 300$ in Visa gift cards “for the hassle of all this” and to refund the remaining amount of 136.11 that she was billed for the equipment install, adding on some equipment at their cost and to send Ron out to rewrite and backdate the contract for the advertised price of 27.99 per month. I told her I am neither accepting or declining anything but I need her to send me an itemized list of all the fees to the account and the offer she made me in writing.

She sends me a list of fees that does not add up mathematically, and does not send the verbal offer she made me. I told this to Sam, who tells me that they tell him I declined that offer. Friends have made some good suggestions on what to do during this whole thing including links to the laws at @federaltradecommission, and contacting @GeneralBrnovich, or consumer law specialists. I had avoided that for a long time as I was hoping to get them to just let us cancel and refund the monies taken so far.

~~I don’t want their Visa Gift cards or their “additional” equipment, I just want the money their faulty advertising and lying technician stole from my mother and for them to leave her(and me) alone from now on. **Sam from ADT says that the monthly fees will not be refunded as they are "valid".

Update by user Jun 23, 2016

Got a call from Tiffany #13550 who stated that she was in the accounting department and that the billing department review the information that Chase sent them 2 days ago and they approved an additional 192$ to complete the error and no change in the monthly fees.

I told her that was not acceptable and that I had emailed Sam the copy of the receipt showing a return of 1192$ and she said that she does see that in the file but the billing department doesn't care. She then to me the only way that the monthly fee can be changed is if the technician rewrites the contract.

What? Chase told me that technicians can not make decisions like that.

But she opened the door for a tech(Chase told me he would make sure no techs were so much as allowed to speak to me because I make him uncomfortable) so I said, great send me Ron back out here. She scheduled him for 11 - 3 tomorrow.

Called Samuel and told him what she told me about then sent him a more detailed email about it and he wrote me back saying that the sub contractor who did the install says that mom did not pay the retail price that the tech(Ron) wrote the refund for. She has the CC bill showing 1300$ and the return slip saying 8 shock sensors for 149$/each...Math seems pretty legit to me.

Ran a couple errands and come back to a message from a Diandrea with Defenders who left a very vague message and what he said was his direct phone number but when I called it I got an automated directory with no option to go directly to him.

So I sent an email to Sam and asked him if he can tell why this guy called me - first thought was that he was calling to cancel Ron being sent out but with this company this could be something totally new and different.

So, now we wait to see if Ron even shows up or not. And we still wait on the electronic copy of the contract - Sam told me I had to give him the passcode to be able to send it to me..

Why he needs that now considering I clearly know the entirety of the situation and have dealt with multiple people about this I don't know. But I sent it to him(or what I can best remember it being) and he sent me an email on other aspects of the email but did not make a comment at all regarding the contract.

Update by user Jun 22, 2016

**I have a friend find out that ADT has an Ethics Department and after having to search through their website with a microscope I found in link titled the "ADT Guide to Supplier Social Responsibility" which had the email address and phone number for that office: (877)871-5625 / at the very end of it. I sent an email there and have heard back from someone named Samuel.

Not to say anything legitimately happened what so ever but... an event did transpire.**

Original review posted by user Jun 21, 2016

So, back late last year my dad had started talking about wanting to get a security system installed. In January my mother came across an ad from ADT for 27.99 a month and 15 sensors included. She did not read the fine print that the 15 sensors only apply to a hard wired system. The technician – Greg Bagley did not clarify this when he was here either.

He went on to put in 14 sensors; and a total of 11 of them being these special shock sensors; never saying anything about the extra cost for those sensors. I was here for the installation and witnessed this. He spent 5 or 6 hours here and drove us all about out of our minds and did not write out the billing clear enough that you could even see a single word on the copy that he left with us. A week later my mother got the bill from your company of over 1300$ and she called in to find out what was going on because she never approved this. When the woman on the phone explained that he put in extras my mother said she wanted to cancel; the woman on the line got nasty with her and said that it had been past the 3 day limit and she should have called in earlier. HOW CAN WE CALL IN WHEN THE TECH DID NOT WRITE IT ON THE BILL?

She finally agreed to send out another technician to fix the issue and promised her a manager to be sent out. I was at work when this was scheduled for; something I hate myself for to this day – I should have taken the day off... For some reason your company sent out Greg Bagley again! He said he “can’t” take out the equipment but that he would put in a refund for stuff and not take it out and left us with a very clearly written paper stating CREDIT CUSTOMERS ACCOUNT $895.95

That credit did not go through. Some minimal amount was credited. She handed this over to me at this point; with the caveat to “be nice”. I called on 3/24 and spoke to Emmanuel #7865 who said that he isn’t able to help me but that he would contact Chase in some department whose name no one is allowed to tell me via email and tell him that I was looking to get this account cancelled. Weeks go by with no response from Chase in the Top Secret department. I finally get ahold of Deborah #15392 on 5/6 who tells me that Chase had left me a voicemail on the phone number on the account. I was dumbfounded – what kind of magician is this Top Secret man known as Chase to leave a voicemail on a phone that has NO VOICEMAIL??

I, for one, must speak to this man who can change physical laws so easily. But alas – it is not so simple. Deborah has to send him an email to be have him call me back. I can’t really see why – the man should be able to communicate telepathically with the glimpse of his powers that I have already been shown via Deborah’s reading of the account notes. A week goes by and by 5/13 I still have heard nothing so I call to ask if Chase did call me again(I as a mere mortal cannot get his special voicemails) and huurah! Laura # 15361 informs me he has not called me back! Err – ***; he did not call me back… So I ask to leave another message and she sends another email to Special Agent Chase. Another week goes by, and I speak to Vernon #5876 who tells me that somehow Special Agent Chase of the Top Secret department has still not called me back…

Vernon however scheduled me a technician and promised me that it would not be the Greg Bagley of before. After scheduling the technician I called back and spoke to a very rude woman name Suzan who refused to give me her ID# and told me that she cannot tell me who the technician will be until the day of the appointment. Fine, I shall call on the morning of the apt and ask who the tech is. Spoke with Tiffany #13550 on 5/25 and she confirmed that it would not be Greg Bagley but Ronald Mallonee who is coming out. So I am working on getting things set up for him and what happens 2 hours before the scheduled time that he was supposed to be here but Ronald showed up. Told me that things got rearranged and he decided to just ‘drop by’. I told him to go away – coming 2 hours early is as bad as coming 2 hours late in my book. But he did come back at the exact start time that he was scheduled for. He said that he could do anything that we wanted him to do; from removing the system as a whole to removing the extra sensors.

My mother opted to keep the system as a whole and to remove the extra sensors. I pushed for her to remove the whole thing but she wants a system just not when she is being billed 52.99$ a month and 1300+ for it. So that is what we did, he also agreed to move the panel into the kitchen like was originally asked of but Greg said could not be done. Ron wrote us up a receipt showing that she was due for a refund of 1192$. And so it sat from there; until yesterday when my mother got her CC bill saying that she was refunded only $290.92. She now said just get rid of the whole thing I can’t handle this anymore.

So yesterday I called the 1800-689-9554 and spoke to Nick #13814 whose very first sentence after his introduction was ‘this is not ADT, you need to call 800-369-0996. I can transfer you over there.’ On that line I spoke with Kenya #14682. I explained to her that the refund was incorrect and this needed to be fixed or the company needs to send Ron back out to remove the system completely. She told me that she can not help me with that and sent me over to Dominica whose number I did not manage to write down. She told me that the account had been approved for a refund of 692$; I told her I have the paperwork from the last tech saying 1192 and the original tech saying $895.95 and that no credit of 692 dollars was ever put on the account. Dominica could not help me with that and then transferred me over to Emanuel #7865 who [eventually] told me that there was no managers there after 7 pm IN time and I would have to leave a message for them to call me back. After some questioning he became somewhat hysterical and transferred me to the VM line for the manager.

I left a message and then called back to the 800-689-9554 phone number and spoke with Danielle #14771 who transferred me to Theresa who was the first person to tell me that the account did not actually belong to ADT but to a subcontractor for ADT and that I would have to contact them for any issues with the billing. She patched me through to Maria #6018 who then told me that she was with subcontractor and that billing issues can only be dealt with by ADT corporate. I told her that Theresa told me that I needed to talk to her as the subcontractor and she told me that Theresa was wrong. I asked Maria for her company’s phone number and she gave me 800-689-9554. I told her that was the number I had called and was told that was ADT corporate and she told me that I was wrong. She then transferred me over to Sharise who refused to give me her ID number and said that she would schedule me a technician to come out – for a fee. She then yelled at me until I asked for a manager. Kiki then got on the line – interesting considering Emmanuel told me there are no managers after 7 pm; and she told me that she would send this over to the correct people and I should hear back within 48 business hours.

I had left the message for Emmanuel’s invisible boss yesterday and did not hear anything back from them so I called today and Spoke to the lovely Julia #15574 who ACTUALLY CONNECTED ME WITH CHASE DIRECTLY!

Not that that was very helpful because Chase told me I make him too uncomfortable to send out a technician to and that he never knew of all the emails I had requested be sent to him back in May and he can’t help me anyway; but he swore he would fix this. Riddle me that one.

Product or Service Mentioned: Adt Security System Installation.

Reason of review: Promises not being kept..

Monetary Loss: $2500.

Preferred solution: Fix the billing issues or remove the system and return my mothers money..

ADT Pros: Ron trying to help.

ADT Cons: That no one will actually fix this.

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Jocel K

Happened to me. I fax the cancellation letter on the 3rd day and now they are saying it was not cancelled as they sent a technician to talk to me and my husband.

Nothing has been finalized and finally I told the technician we really wanted to cancel the contract. They will not honor it as they said it passed the 3 day cancellation window... They charged my credit card for more than a thousand bucks. Very horrible company.

I will not ever apply for a security camera with contract. I learned my lesson the hard way.


Ok ... so.., ammm nothing happened with ron, Samuel Stephanie Emmanuel or Kiki and your moms stuck with the equipment I'm assuming I got lost


I dont have the attention span to read that...


Good Lord, I got half way thru this review and still don't know what happened. I was falling asleep. A little advice in the future is

"Long story short....." Well you know the rest.

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