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Last week Monday I called Safewise to get some consultation on a home alarm system. I was greeted on the phone by a gentleman named Harvey who asked me what kind of system I was interested in and walked me through various options. He told me ADT sounded like the best match and we ultimately set up an appointment for Wednesday of the same week. I received an email from ADT later confirming my appointment, but I was a little surprised because I thought I would still be dealing with Safewise at the time and the thought of a 3rd party coming to consult me on an alarm system appealed to me more since I still wasn’t decided. I called Safewise back the next day and was again greeted by Harvey. I told him I was surprised that ADT was scheduled to come out to my house and that I thought I would still be dealing with Safewise. I was ready to back out of the appointment because I was reluctant to have ADT come out and convince me to commit to a 2 year agreement. He said it would just be a consultation with the option to install and assured me that even if I went ahead with the install, I would still have the opportunity to back out of the contract up to 6 months after signing. So I agreed to proceed with the appointment.

Last Wednesday then, one of ADT's technicians, Julius, came to my house and I went through a couple hours of asking him about the alarm system and what things I could do to best protect myself. He was the nicest guy, extremely polite and patient and answered all of my questions to my satisfaction. We were then about ready to do the installation, but I asked him to confirm before proceeding that what I had heard from Harvey on the phone the previous day about the cancellation policy was indeed correct. He said he had not heard of a 6 month cancellation policy, but would confirm with his boss. We called his boss, Justin, and put him on speakerphone. Justin confirmed for me on the phone that there was indeed a 6 month cancellation policy so I felt assured that I had time to try out the system and still back out if I changed my mind. As it was getting late now (9:30 PM) we walked through the contract on Julius’ tablet quickly and I signed the contract.

Fast forward a week now and my wife and I have had time try out the system. We're constantly anxious about tripping the alarm by mistake so we decided we didn't want the system any longer. I called ADT's customer service center yesterday afternoon to cancel and talked with several representatives before ultimately being connected to Defenders, the ADT authorized dealer who originally set me up with the service. The person on the phone immediately told me that I could not back out of the contract because I had only a 3 day period to do so and that my time to cancel had passed. I was completely shocked and thought that there must have been some mistake. I explained how I had been told by two separate people that I had 6 months to cancel my contract. I texted Julius in the evening and he acknowledged by text that his manager did confirm a 6 month CANCELLATION POLICY. I'm now trying to work through the manager, Justin, to see if I can get my money back, but the experience has left me feeling totally misrepresented. I relied on their assurance when making my decision to sign. The information they gave me was completely inaccurate and false. I tried calling ADT's customer service center also but the person I spoke to told me that I needed to go through Defenders to resolve the issue. I feel both Defenders and Safewise misrepresented the cancellation policy and acted fraudulently and ADT is conveniently leaving it to them to resolve. I couldn't think of a worse customer service experience.

Product or Service Mentioned: Adt Security System.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $1600.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

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