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Government Actions

\"The following describes a government action that has been resolved by either a settlement or a decision by a court or administrative agency. If the matter is being appealed, it will be noted below.

As of February, 2, 2012, District Attorney Mark Peterson announced the settlement with Florida-based ADT Security Services, Inc., which sells home burglar and fire alarm systems.

ADT has agreed to pay almost $1 million to settle a civil lawsuit brought by the district attorney of California\'s Contra Costa County over contracts ADT had with residential customers in which it reserved the right to hike monthly fees after the first year. That violated a California law requiring residential consumers get written disclosure of all costs upfront, according to the state.

District Attorney Mark A. Peterson said that under the agreement, ADT has said it will follow the law for future contracts and, in addition to a $950,000 civil fine, will pay restitution to some customers whose monthly rate increased during their initial contract term.

ADT required customers to enter into two- or three-year contracts, in which the company reserved the right to raise monthly fees after the first year. The lawsuit alleged that by failing to advise customers how much the rate increase would be, ADT violated contract disclosure requirements in California\'s Unruh Act.

The lawsuit further alleged that termination fees for customers who discontinue ADT service could exceed the remaining balance of a contract obligation.

Under the terms of the settlement, ADT will conform its future California contracts to the requirements of Unruh Act, which requires written disclosure to residential consumers of contract terms. In ADT\'s case, that includes the total price for monitoring services for the initial term of the contract, disclosure of the number of required payments during that term, and disclosure of the amount of each monthly payment.\"

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According to Mike Jagger millions of home alarm systems are useless, because "The most important problem with systems like this is the fact that you need to have a delay time in order to open your door and get to the keypad each time you enter your home. So, when a crook breaks in, they also have the same amount of time. If the crook follows the sound of the beeping keypad they will be standing in front of not only the keypad, but the brains of the alarm system. So, rather than punching in a valid code, the crook could simply rip the entire unit off of the wall."


Peter Rogers - professional who has more than 20 years of home security experience: "... And remember, even at this highest level, you don't get the important Crash & Smash protection that you should expect for this price. Even with Premier Pulse service (From ADT) the intruder who breaks in can disable your alarm system before it can communicate to the monitoring center. No call to you to verify the alarm – and no call to the police. Smart crooks know this, so it's happening more and more. ...

Crash and Smash is one of my favorite features of next-generation home protection, since it really separates FrontPoint from the crowd in the arena of interactive, wireless home security. And when that intruder even tries to get a foot in the door – we'll already know about it!".


So, why ADT does not disclose this information in contracts?

Are we paying for toys?

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To anyone looking to get ADT, buy straight from ADT, NOT a AUTHORIZED DEALER!


They stink. On a few occasions alram went off and i noticed ADT never called us, when i called to question them i got a story about how they would call in five minutes. One day i intentionally put in only 3 letters of the cod , it took 10 minutes for the alarm to go off never did they call the house the entire night 2 supervisors hung up and no one could give me a satisfactory answer to the big question, i should pay you for nothing Why?

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