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We were eager to have an ADT system installed for the peace of mind and extra security. ADT was prompt in setting up the sales meeting, and the sales professional seemed nice, intelligent, and was very informative about the wide array of products ADT had to offer. We developed a package within our price range and signed the contract (which as an attorney I knew to read in full!!). The fine print was overwhelming even to me, and essentially indicated ADT was not liable for anything. Either way, we have a baby on the way and wanted the system so we signed on the dotted line.

Our sales rep said that his local ADT office had a 30 day satisfaction guaranteed cancellation policy-- full refund of installation price etc and cancellation of the 3 yr contract-- for any reason within 30 days. This was highly appealing and was the final detail that really made us go through with the deal.

Installation was prompt, the installer was efficient, but ultimately he couldn't install some of the things per our sales agreement (saying they had been incorrectly ordered by the sales guy). So I called the sales guy, was told everything had been straightened out, and then set a second installation appointment for things to be fixed. I waited for 5 hours. Nobody showed up. I set up a third appointment, waited another 5 hours, and again nobody showed up. We decided if ADT was this unreliable in something as simple as installation, they could not be trusted with something as important as monitoring and alerting us in case something did go wrong. We decided to cancel under the 30 day satisfaction guarantee.

Only then were we told by the sales rep that the 30 day cancellation was not a satisfaction guarantee, but it applied only in the event of service issues. Obviously, with an incorrectly installed system, we had a service issue! Ultimately, we spent a week talking to his higher ups, and eventually they agreed to let us cancel for no penalty-- I felt confident responding to their semantics games because I know a bit about contract law, but they obviously tried to manipulate us into thinking we had no options and I think they could easily take advantage of people who don't know their legal rights (which extend beyond the pages of your contract!). We set an appointment for equipment to be uninstalled. For the third time, ADT no-showed us.

We also received a bill in the mail for $700, even though we cancelled the service. This nightmare is never going to end! Don't be lulled in like we were with the attractive nature of their products- ADT has horrible service and ultimately the products are useless if they aren't properly serviced. We were extremely careful in reviewing the contract details and yet ADT still tried to mislead us and take advantage of us, even telling us that "security of your baby is obviously not a priority for you" when we informed them we would be canceling. They are nice at first but quick to turn into jerks when you call them on their BS. Avoid them if you can, and if you can't then be very careful and read all the fine print!

Product or Service Mentioned: Adt Installation.

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I had an expensive ADT system installed in my house less than 3 weeks ago. It has never worked properly and I get daily automated calls from ADT on my cellphone telling me there are technical issues with the set up.

I have spent many hours on the phone trying to get ADT to fix the problems. They finally agreed to have a technician come to my house this Saturday.

When I called today (Tuesday) to confirm the appointment this coming weekend they told me there is no record of it.

I now want to cancel my contract and get a full refund for the hardware they sold me and installed incorrectly. Curious what ADT's position will be on this.


You're certainly not the first person who has complained about that company. I know a guy in the security business, and he constantly points out this company's shortcomings. :(

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