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IF purchased a "FREE SECURITY SYSTEM" and your contract was originally from an ADT Dealership d/b/a "Secure Watch", "Secure Automation" or "SWS-LLC" based out of Knoxville, TN, there is a high likelihood you were subjected to questionable sales tactics.

If you were lied to by "unlicensed" sales agent you have grounds for canceling the contract and seeking a refund for the excessively high monthly rates. What is "excessive?" For basic home monitoring 24/7 monthly rates shouldn't exceed $30.00. If your "free" system is paid off your rates can be as low as $10.00 per month (if you pre-pay a year in advance) and $19.95 is a good average rate anywhere in the USA. You need to understand a little about how "monitoring stations" are equipped and run. They are rules they must operate by and equipment they must have to insure redundancy and 24/7 "up time" with fail safe measure to insure that. Just because you don't RECOGNIZE know the name of a MONITORING company doesn't mean they aren't equally or better equipped than the ones that you do know. Take for instance MASON MONITORING vs ADT. One spends several million annually on advertising and executive salaries while the other doesn't. However when you hit the "panic button" BOTH systems do the same thing. One caveat I've noticed about the largest monitoring companies that doesn't appear to be as prevalent in the smaller companies is employee turn-over rate. I've noticed from working in the industry that the voice on the other end of the phone will change every 89 days as 90 days employee benefits come into play. THAT use to drive me crazy as I'd always be getting a "new trainee" just when the previous ones would get a grip on how things work. So if you ever feel like you're talking to a newbie you probably are.

YOUR STATE HAS ITS OWN REGULATIONS and a board that oversees it. Check you board of commence for links so you can file complaints. You'll also find your states rules, regulations plus ways to check if your salesman was licensed by the state. Most states take alarm companies seriously and will fine them and/or revoke their license if circumstances warrant it.

To the best of my knowledge a complaint HAS to start with a WRITTEN COMPLAINT, which can be anonymous, and contain as much information as possible including copies of ads or what have you. IF you do this THEN the state WILL follow up and get you an answer if not a solution to your individual problem. If you don't do this then the states hands are tied no matter what they'd like to do. I've heard complaints from state regulatory boards that people don't file a proper complaint and their hands are tied until someone does. The more they receive the worse it will be for an Alarm Company.

Complaining on a blog is one thing. It's good to get the word out. However it does little if nothing to cure the problem(s) once and for all. If you do NOT notify the state "in writing" of your problem then you've done nothing to resolve it for yourself or others that may follow. Do it for your neighbors if not for yourself.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

ADT Pros: Technicians, Installer, Technician service.

ADT Cons: Sales people, Lack of ethics, No morals, Unlicensed sales people, Misleading representatives.

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