Palmdale, California

After years of using them they raised the price and I terminated them. No contract, my hardware.

They REFUSED to clear their installer code that would allow me control of my hardware again, however, said if I paid them a min. of $130. for the first 30min they would send a tech out to clear my system. I call this EXTORTION and spent the next 4 hours calling every one to include their corp (no)Customer Service who told me go pound sand in so many up the "fee" or replace your system.

They upped the price to $40. a month and the last two system alarms I have had they never even called ME must less the police station. These are the biggest rip off artist I have come across in a VERY long time. YOU pay and they do nothing in return.

Tell everyone you know to stay away from these turkeys.

Thats great, I just checked our bank account and you guessed it...they have debited my account for next month, even though I terminated the account last month and have a confirmation number. I say CROOKS!

Product or Service Mentioned: Adt Customer Care.

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ADT is not perfect but if you speak to the right person they will solve your problem rather quickly.

For rebates Deals Specials and or billing and technical problem I use this number normally a supervisor will help you 1888-720-5982 mon thru friday 8am to 11pm saturday 9am to 10am sunday 10am to 6pm @ eastern time hope this helps you all. I use this number for additional credit and tech issues.


Wow, this is an incredible situation. I've seen things like this hapen with many companies.

Here's what I'd have to ask. What kind of contract did you sign into? I don't know much about this specific companies contracts but I remember when I signed up with sprint years ago they had a contract that was iron clad and when I tried to cancel my service I also had a $130 payment I had to make in order to cancel the service, a cancellation charge or something like that. I told them that I was cancelling because they didn't keep up their end of the contract by charging me WAY too much money each month when I did everything I was supposed to do...counting my minutes/texts...never got online with my phone...then they came up with other reasons why they were right and I was wrong...I eventually just didn't pay them and let them cut the phone off, then put them on a bankruptcy years later after they had effected my credit so bad.

I had other reasons to do the bankruptcy as well.

Anyway, my point is you really have to watch the contracts that you get into, that's why I personally don't get into contracts for anything ever ever ever period end of discussion.

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