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I should have read this review before I got with ADT. I have been with ADT for three months now. The other day someone broke in my home meanwhile I was asleep. I called asking why it didn't go off and their response was: WELL, WE ONLY PUT FOUR SENSOR AND THAT WAS FOR YOUR DOORS. BUT IF YOU LIKE YOU CAN PURCHASE SENSOR FOR YOUR WINDOW. The key pad I have it's for people who have doors and window sensor and I was told that it would be secure. When I had called to cancel they said I had to pay 75% of my three year contract. I had told them I read the guarantee for six months if not satisfied. The response was WELL, WE APOLOGIZE AGAIN.

This is their money guarantee:


Monetary Loss: $800.

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Ok, your panel can handle doors and windows, but unless you install door and window sensors on each door and window, how in the world do u expect them to b monitored!?

Also the six month guarantee is if there is a malfunction in the alarm and after several attempts to fix, cannot be fixed, they will cancel and refund.

How in the world does you failing to cover all entries to your home a malfunction on adt's part?

Sounds to me like you were trying to save money, and in doing so left points of entries into your home unsecured, and are now trying to blame adt. Grow up.

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