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My question is Virginia DCJS and ADT Security Company have a personnel or private business relationship with each other? The following is VA Code and Regulations for Electronic Security

(ES) Business and their employees: Private Security Services Code - 9.1-138 - 9.1-180

Regulations Relating to Private Security Services - 6 VAC 20-171-10 to 6 VAC 20-171-560

Apparently these codes and regulations do not apply to ADT Security, because VA DCJS is allowing ADT phone sales personnel from their office located in Florida to sale security systems without being register with VA DCJS.

If I was an owner of an electronic security company I would like to see if I can do the same exact way that ADT is doing it, or to see if the state is giving unfair advantage to ADT.

I am making an assumption with the following statement. That is, the way they have sanctioned it is by allowing the ADT's installers that are registered both as an ES Technician and ES Representative with VA DCJS to write up the contract that was sold over the phone, then installs or activates the end user security system. Then, the phone sale individual that sold the security system from ADT receives the commission for that sale. The ADT phone sales personnel have been given the authority from ADT officers to use the different company's security programs, such as MasterMind, Copper, Carms, Admin, and etc.

These programs allow the sales personnel to see the private information of a business and residential end users. The private information would be; the type/level of security system and the placement of the security detection units at any previous or new ADT customer sites, secret passwords, even perhaps credit card or bank account information, payment history, and customers contact list. With the above programs, a strayed employee can then use the info themselves for fraudulent intentions or pass it on.

The VA DCJS was empowered to enforce the codes and regulations which were set up to reduce this possibility of fraudulent use of end users private information and to keep convicted criminals out of the electronic security industry. If VA DCJS is allowing this to occur with ADT, it is an unfair practice to their own employees located in Virginia and for other private security companies that is in compliant with the VA DCJS Code while competing and conducting business in the Commonwealth of Virginia.

There should be no secret agreement and a public announcement should have been made to include the ruling of the judgment of the apparent charges and changes so that all security business

Product or Service Mentioned: Adt Security System.

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Dennis A. VanDuzee , from ADT Security was appointed 7/01/02 – 6/30/06 as a member of the Private Security Services Advisory Board and he was the Vice-Chair of this board.

Then he was re-appointed 07/01/2006 - 06/30/2010.

So, from this additional information it is possible that what you said, Taxi Cab, is correct. Of course he took the oath, just like each member of our US Senators and Representative of Congress do when they accepted their position.

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