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went online to ADT and was told that because I live in West Palm Beach Florida, that a local rep needed to contact me. I had Frank Ruggeri, of West Palm Beach ADT on Vista Park Way North, come to my home and baffle us with bull ***.

He told us he is corporate ADT (Which he is not according to ADT corporate), He sat in my home and sold us a PULSE system. My wife and I bought it by giving him a check. He gave us a 3 day right of rescission to cancel under Florida law for his services. I called him on 11/20 and left him a voicemail to cancel my services.

Frank called me back and confirmed that. Just to be safe, I went into his office on 11/22 to physically cancel any upcoming services, and I wanted my $499 check back. I met with Helene and Vicki about my file. They reassured me that Frank still had my check from over the weekend and that he wouldn't be in until 8AM (I was there at 7:30AM).

Well on 11/26 $499 dollars was taken out of my account from ADT. I called Frank and left him two emails, but got no response from him. He said he "didn't receive my emails" (according to my server he did open the emails). Frank advised me that the "we're a security company.

the right hand doesn't know what the left hand is doing". Frank also said he did not know a VICKI in his office. Helene advised me that Frank does know her and he is lying. The bottom line is that Frank is a liar, and a thief, NO ONE should trust him with their personal information and money.

Helene said "Frank most likely scanned the check and then had us return it to you" WHAT A SNAKE? I filed a criminal report with PBSO and I am filing a complaint with Tallahassee about his license.

My bank is also involved and gave me a sworn statement in this matter. I will pursue this unethical, immoral, uneducated, thief to ensure he doesn't do this anyone else.

Product or Service Mentioned: Adt Account.

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ADT pulse is pure garbage, so don't waste your time or money. First they told me I could monitor cameras real time thru any computer - not!

No federal system will allow QuickTime because of security failures, not even my local library. Then I set the cameras to take stills every 5 min; now they cut that back to 30 mins. The wireless cameras a pure junk and you can't recognize someone 10 ft away.

No motion sensors on the cameras, no email of motion trip, pure garbage with 45 degree viewing area. Save your money and get a rabbit to watch and protect your home - it would be just as effective.


ADT is not perfect but if you speak to the right person they will solve your problem rather quickly.

For rebates Deals Specials and or billing and technical problem I use this number normally a supervisor will help you 1888-720-5982 mon thru friday 8am to 11pm saturday 9am to 10am sunday 10am to 6pm @ eastern time hope this helps you all. I use this number for additional credit and tech issues.


@ Chance... everything is right about our complaint.

Everything. I understand that the pulse system is $499 and quite frankly I can care less how much the systems cost. At the time we wanted it, it had a $100 rebate (hence $399 ...***). At the time I called the toll free number to ADT Corporate at 888-298-9274.

The rep for the corporate ADT advised me that in our area, a rep has to come out and do the presenation. Of course I inquired and they advised me it had to do with a Palm Beach County, FL ordiance or law. So that is when ADT had FRANK RUGGERI call me. I never called him, that was facilitated by ADT in corporate.

And Frank called in my checking account information to ADT, and in addition took our checks. I immediately went the local office and got them back, but because he telephoned my account information in, I was out of luck... The bottom line is FRANK RUGGERI is NOT LICENSED and he using an electical contractor's license who owns the franchise. But FRANK said he is license and begins to hold up a rinky *** Monopoly card.

They can attempt to do what they want. And CHANCE, you are an ***, and you do work for ADT. Your Ralph Nader comment was seen before in an attempt to cover your ***... The 3 day right of recission was in effect within 24 hours, but that *** still attempted to take my money.

You want to know how *** he is...? He kept telling me to try and sell me that "we... ADT guard the white house and the Pentagon". No you don't, and that was already confirmed.

He is a SNAKE and a Scammer, and he will get what is coming to him. Hey Frank, you know where I live...

I used my name in my complaints and we'll have some coffee and talk some more.. Come and chat with me!


I've worked sales. And if a sales guy can put forth that deal to a customer to retain their business they will do it and just say to the company that they found that customer.

The complaint does sound like Frank himself fell victim to his own greed but does not represent the morals of an entire company. Sadly, sales guys like this Frank guy could commit some unethical acts as mentioned above because there are ALWAYS ways around the system. But it also sounds like this would go up the ladder and his boss would probably fire him over it, or at least ADT would suspend or possibly pull the dealer license they have provided that branch for unethical activity. But, people would rather get on boards like this and complain and say they have filed complaints and went to cops about these types of situations, but never follow up.

and then that makes the company look like *** all over.

And that's not right, if this Frank guy is a ***...that happens in all the sales world...and like it or not America is a sales based country now so get ready to deal with this type of thing all the time...best case scenario he will be fired for his actions (if this really happened) and you will be refunded, but next time you go to a car lot, best buy store, furniture store...etc etc be prepared for the next *** sales guy that doesn't know what he's doing and will try as hard as he possibly can to keep you from backing out of a deal...because it is his bread and butter. That's the down side of sales.



2 questions:

1. If a wire is cut at the doorway sensor, do you need a whole new alarm system.

2. Does ADT service all Brinks old accounts?


Chance is an *** h---! Do you work for ADT?


EVERYTHING is right about this complaint. Frank Ruggeri is NOT EVEN licensed.

The license is held by another electrical contractor who owns the franchise. This guy Frank is a fraud and ADT is also a fraud. TRUST ME EVERYTHING IS VERY ACCURATE ABOUT THIS COMPLAINT. There has been nothing that was misleading or exaggerated in the complaint.

You see you have a fiduciary responsibility in the rebuttal because if you lose any potential clients, then it hurts your bottom line. Ralph Nader doesn't put food on my table, I do. ADT is a fraud. And I drove by the ADT center in APB and saw the board which has the number of new deals and dollar amounts listed for Frank and other sales reps.

You guys DO NOT CARE.

The pictures I took through the window shows a much different picture than what you try and portray. YOU GUYS ARE A FRAUD AND YOU QUITE FRANKLY SUCK!


This is ADT and not a dealer. When a customer pays with a check, that check is sent in a lock box to the corporate headquarters, meaning that they are usually cashed a long time after they're given.

If a customer cancels before installation, their payment will be refunded according to how they paid - check if paid by a check, credit back on a card if paid by credit card. Sometimes it takes a week or more to get a check back. BOO HOO! Call Ralph Nader.

You will get your money back, period. And the 3 day right of rescission is a formality for ADT Security. If it is beyond the 3 day period and a customer wants to cancel, ADT will NOT TRY TO HOLD THEM TO THE CONTRACT.

Also the pricing seems suspicious.

There is an ADT Pulse system available for $499 but ONLY TO CUSTOMERS THAT ARE FOUND BY THE SALES REPS!!

Anyone who calls in to ADT will not have this deal available to them!! Something is not right with this complaint...

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