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My contract expires June 2019. We noticed zero problems until a few months ago when the alarm sounded.

Knowing my front door, back door and door to the garage were closed, I reset the alarm, a short time later the same situation occurred, I could not reset the alarm and called adt. I was led thru a series of steps to reset my system. Some one there said to replace the battery in the failing sensor but the battery was good. Each of the failures indicated the door to my garage was open, of course it was not.

After re setting the system everything seemed to work okay. This month we went to Florida and left the system set. On 6 March the system failed and the local police came and and checked out my house exterior, Everything was locked so they could not enter. The city has now sent me a letter threatening to charge me for false alarms if it re-occurs.

I also received an email from ADT saying the system had failed. Upon returning from Florida we turned off the alarm and it did so but with a funny sound and indicated the garage door was open. I had locked that door with a key prior to leaving on my trip.The day after returning I called ADT. I got the royal run around.

They would send a technician out if I would buy a maint plan for $80 bucks and pay 7 or 8 bucks a month. I refused that advice and hung up. After thinking about the problem, I decided that since the door going to my garage was the problem, I should just take it out of the system. I called ADT to get instructions on doing this and was walked thru the process.

All to no avail. the system would not bypass my door going to the garage. Again I was told the only way to fix this problem was to have a technician come out and re-program the system. After thinking about this problem I realize the problem has been in my system since the day it was installed.

ADT refuses to correct this problem. I am a very unhappy customer and will not recommend this company to anyone.

Charles Brock

Georgetown TX

Product or Service Mentioned: Adt Security System.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

Preferred solution: ADT to send technician to my home, re program the system at their cost.

ADT Cons: That no one will actually fix this.

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All you had to do is replace the sensor. Common senseThey do fail after a few years or so.

You created a bigger problemMy 8 year old can bypass a sensor. You can actually youtube a video. takes 10 seconds.

It's not so much the system nor ADT. It's your lack of knowledge


Hello Charles. I apologize for this experience.

When you acquired the services, you had the option to sign up for the maintenance plan which covers any normal wear and tear with the system. This means if there is an issue with a sensor, and it needs to be replaced, it would be covered. Because this option was waived, you would be quoted applicable service charges for ADT to service the equipment. Deprogramming a sensor from your alarm system would be a chargeable cost as well.

Please call us at 1-800-238-2727 for any additional assistance with scheduling for service .

Thank you. -Andrew

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