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Obviously realize you are signing on to a 3 year commitment when you sign the contract. We fulfilled out 3 year commitment (and additional time beyond that) and then have had extreme difficulty in trying to cancel.

They give you a low monthly rate when you initially sign and then they jack that up every year. You call to cancel and then suddenly they offer to decrease your monthly rate by $20-30 dollars. I found this insulting. So you call to cancel (must be the formal account holder) and then they make you send a physical letter in to their ADT Cancellations address in Colorado.

Almost two months after doing this, we just got a notice that the monthly rate would be increasing again - we call them up again - they say they have no record of our previous call to cancel or record of having received the cancellation letter they required us to send. (so yes, send the letter certified mail). Now we have called them again - after at least half an hour on a combination of being on hold and being sent to yet another person - supposedly when my very busy husband who is the formal account holder calls in again - he won't have to send in another physical letter. I specifically asked the customer service rep to make sure a record of my call was placed in the account notes - I have also contacted my bank in an attempt to block any further withdrawals from them in the future.

(lesson learned - do not do auto-payment with this company - I have no confidence they won't attempt to continue to bill despite our notice we want to cancel).

There are better options out there for the average homeowner - ones that don't require a long term commitment that involves sizable rate increases - and ones that are not such a huge hassle to cancel after you have fulfilled your 3 year commitment. Beware of dealing with this company.

Product or Service Mentioned: Adt Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

ADT Cons: Cancellation difficult after fulfilling contract terms.

  • Numerous calls
  • difficulty canceling
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Re: auto pay----now you know.

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