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Hi there, I am a Navy Veteran who just moved to Portland, Oregon and just bought a home. One fine day had a gentlemen from adt come to the house and pitch us the whole adt home security gig.

Wow what a deal for 50 bucks a month! So i signed up with his guarantee that if we didnt like the service, we had 30 days to cancel before the contract kicks in. Day 3 the system refuses to work and i decided, ehh dont need it anyway. We call and ( btw it is not easy to get ahold of these people) to have them come remove it.

Days go by no one ever shows up. We call again this time no one answers any of the phones. I Have already uninstalled all of the equipment. This was in March and it is now July, I cant get a hold of anyone from this company or get any address and they continually pull money from my account.

They purposely led us on so that 30 days would pass so we had no choice but to be put into the contract. I've search high and low on the internet here and from What I have read, we have to pay for 3 years.

I dont know what to do and with some unforeseen bills its either going to be eat or pay adt. I am at a loss

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

ADT Cons: Poor technical service.

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Take them a small claims court suit and they'll call you as fast as you can spit


Hello. I'm very sorry to hear about this experience and we'd like to investigate this further.

Please email us your contact information for where the service is located to If your contract was established through an ADT Authorized Dealer, we can reach out to them on your behalf as well.

Thank you. -Andrew


I guess I will have to. Just bought a home so I am nervous about them sending collectors on me, but it should never of happened in the first place.

Emailed, called everyone even emailed the oregon attorney general( still no reply lol). I guess I will have to change my bank account number.


Why in the world are you allowing them to pull money from your account? Allowing anyone to just take money from your bank account is crazy!

Do whatever you have to do to stop them from doing that---contact the bank and, if you need to, close out that account and get another, etc. Then, when they contact you because they cannot get the money, tell them what happened and why.

Don't take their threats seriously. Good luck, but get going, mate.

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