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Don't work for ADT Security unless you like long hours, little to no pay, and a boss that will run you into the ground. ADT Security does not provided it's employees the benefits or "silver lining" as they claim too when interviewed. Not only have I personally been through Workplace Harassement (which nothing was done on my behalf) by my manager, I am out on Short Term Disability and have been denied that as well, which by the way is an internally owned/operated insurance company even after sufficent medical documentation has been submitted to where I am unable to complete the necessary work requirements. I even requested to work temporarily in another position which ofcourse they do not have open at this time, that would allow me to work within my medical limitations.

ADT has also been sued by numerous STATES, not people, by States for non-disclosure of increase of rates after the first year. No wonder Tyco dropped ADT Security which was the parent company until this year.

Anyone can Google what I just mentioned about ADT and their lack of commitment to employees and customers.

Review about: Adt Customer Care.

Monetary Loss: $14.

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to Sandip #731401

ADT has changed over past few years. Many things he says are accurate.

Especially "long hours". I'm scheduled everyday for 12-14 hours, yet its squeezed neatly in an 8 hour schedule. Try showing up at a your 2nd customers house/business at 3pm, when they've been waiting 3 hours for you and tell them, I'll have to return.

No instead you work til 8-10pm without dinner, and risking injury. Oh, and by the way make sure your inventory, computer work, paperwork are all perfect, because we don't want any office people anymore.

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