Youngstown, Ohio
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My Pulse system went offline the end of April (without my knowing it as the lights were all "green" on my Pulse box. Mid-May I discovered this and did troubleshooting with the tech on the phone who decided it was the box itself. Scheduled an appointment and the tech comes out, does the exact same steps I did and says, "beats me, guess we will have to order a new one!".

I wait several weeks for the new one and the guy shows up and has no clue how to install. Long story short, they delete my account at Corporate and he still can't get it to install. Several calls later he decided it was my network and was ready to walk out the door and leave me without a working system (because of the deletion of the account, we can't go back to the old one either so NO alarm in place at all) and said, you will have to call Corporate to fight with them to get a different Pulse as this one won't work with your network. I had a spare router so hooked that up and low and behold it works! So he does the install but of course, I have no account so I can't log in. More phone calls and I can get in. Tech bolts out the door and I start working on re-connecting everything to the router I want to use. Get it cabled up, reset the box and voila, it works,nothing changed just recabled and reset - still think it is my router? Likely not, more likely an issue at the home office that got resolved about the time we installed the alternate router.

Ready to log off but wait, the tech left it in "Install mode" so get ready to call Customer Service when I find out he also forgot to setup one of my door sensors. Wait for 10 minutes to talk to a rep who tells me she needs to call a technician to find out what to do. 10 more minutes pass and a different rep picks up the phone as I've gone back into the general hold ***! Thankfully this one knows what to do and gets my missing sensor installed remotely and clears the install message.

Long story short - I spent about 10 hours waiting on getting a system that I never wanted in the first place back up and running. The kicker is, there is a Pulse option that does not need to use my network available and is what I asked for when I ordered my service. I don't want it running over my home network, I don't want zWave devices just give me the basic system I wanted in the first place! Still trying to decide if it is worth the fight with ADT to get it since I got this piece of garbage Pulse box working again, at least for now.

18 months left in my contract, already thinking about other options for the day it expires.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

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Hello. I'm truly sorry for the amount of trouble this concern has caused and we'd like to look into this further for you.

Could you please email us your contact information for where the service is located, to, and we'll follow up with you to assist?

Thank you. -Andrew

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