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After the many emails back and forth, I was asked what I needed to feel secure. I said minimally an alarm that could be heard outside instead of the weak beep out of the keypad which would not inform an intruder that the alarm was set off.

I also felt there were 2 areas that needed motion sensors. I was happy that they were going to contact the service in my area as my contract was now with ADT and not Protect Your Home. Well, to my disappointment, they now could now not add a siren as the system that was originally installed would have to be upgraded to make that change and they weren't willing to do that. They were willing to install 2 motion sensors, but not the window protection that I had also asked for.

So, the fact remains, out of frustration, I didn't go through with the motion sensors, but I am so disappointed with not having a siren, I was turned off. I did talk to the people who handle the monitoring and it was suppose to be stepped up that regardless of when my alarm was set off, even if I put in the code, they would call. I accidently set my alarm off and to no surprise, I was not called. As an added note, the reason for all of this, which I made them aware of when I was first contacted is that I have had a threat on my life and my safety was of paramount concern.

Their paramount concern is taking my money and not providing me with adequate safety if there is a cost to them. They have proven that this is a numbers game and not a customer protection concern.

So I live in fear with a sub par system. SAD SAD SAD reflection on a company which holds itself out there to be a company that protects you.

Original review posted by user Jul 17, 2013

Be careful when dealing with Protect Your Home. Defender Direct evidently did the minimal install.

They offer this "great" offer to hook up your home to ADT. Well, they do hook you up, but in my case, with the minimal protection. They are an authorized dealer of ADT. My home has 3 entry door connections, 1 motion detector and a keypad.

There is no siren on the home. So, if someone were to break into my home, they would not even know that they had tripped the alarm until they were In the home as the warning comes out of the keypad, which is not even that loud. They wanted over $2300. to secure my windows which I couldn't afford.

My friend used ADT for installation directly, and they have motion detectors in every room, glass break on every window, a siren on the outside of the home, and all for no additional charge. Now, my contract with Protect Your Home has been sold to ADT. ADT was going to come out after I called them and the person said let us see what you can do. When the person called me to say they were on their way, they said they could not do anything for free.

I am wasting my money on the monthly monitoring fee for 3 years on a home that isn't secure. This was a big rip off. I made a big mistake. Don't make the same mistake.

I cannot wait for my contract with ADT to be over so I can go with another company. I am sure I am not the only ADT customer that has had this happen. Why ADT would allow this "authorized dealer" to operate in this manner is all about money and no concern for their customers. Once you realize you aren't protected, it is to late unless you are willing to pay a lot of money to secure your home.

BEWARE!!! They are bigger rip offs than would be burglars!

Product or Service Mentioned: Adt Installation.

Monetary Loss: $1800.

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Well, I have had many emails back and forth with Andrew. I shared my concern that I didn't feel my home was secured properly.

He asked what would make me feel more secure? I said at least a siren on the house because now if someone breaks in, they won't know that they have set the alarm off because the warning comes out of the keypad in the house which isn't loud at all and can't be heard outside. I also wanted a motion sensor in my 2 bedrooms. Andrew said he could get me the siren and motion sensor in 1 bedroom.

Then another email asking if I could pay $100 for the two items. I said no. Then another email said, they couldn't put the siren in as an authorized dealer had installed the system and they couldn't install a siren as the system would have to be upgraded. My system isn't even 2 years old.

So, now they have offered 2 motion sensors or one window sensor and one motion sensor. My last email I asked if my system is therefore substandard.

I have received no response and therefore have received no additional protection. Very sad.


I had similar situation. I complained on this site too.

Then I got a message like you did from ADT. But, they act concerned and willing to help, but when all is said and done, they never helped. Hope they help you. I am trying another company as soon as my contract is up.

I suggest others to do their research!!!!! :cry





I'm truly sorry for any confusion. and are not websites. We are asking that you to email us your contact information to either email address, so we can further assist.

Respectfully. - Andrew


Seriously? I don't have a Facebook page.

So, why don't you give me a contact number to call? How do I know whom I dealing with right now. I googled ADT customer service, and can't find anything there.

Did you try the I don't have any problems accessing any other websites.


Good Afternoon, I'm sorry you're having trouble with You may also try sending us your contact information to

Thank you. - Andrew


Good Afternoon, my name is Andrew and I work out of ADT's Corporate Customer Relations office. I am sorry to hear about your experience with Protect Your Home as well as ADT and would like to assist you further.

Please send us your contact information to and we will reach out to help.

Thank you. -Andrew


Windows cannot find: So, now what? :sigh

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