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This is the letter I just sent: Dear ADT, A year ago I was renting a townhome and wanted to turn on the security system that was installed in the home. When I called into ADT they set up a time for a rep to come to my house and take a look at the current unit.

When Humberto greeted me he was extremely kind, he said he needed to check to see if he was able to turn on the current system I had in the home. After a cell phone call he said that I needed a new system. I originally did not want a whole new system and explained that since I planned on moving in a year I did not want a contract. Humberto informed me that this was not a problem and said “even if you moved 7 times, all you need to do if call my cell and we will have someone come out free of charge and move the system to a new location.

You can finish out the remainder of the contract at your new residence.” The ONLY reason I agreed to a contract was because Humberto said this was part of the ADTS practice. Since this was my only stipulation, I agreed to the contract. He pulled up the contract on his tablet and when I said I wanted to look over the contract before signing, he replied that it was everything we had just talked about and since he drove from Tampa, he joked that he wasn’t leaving without a contract. He sale that he had been with ADT for years and a trainer.

I trusted that the rep sent to my home selling a security system was trust worthy. So, as planned, April 25th I did exactly what Humberto said which was to call his cell as my move out date was May 18th and was coming up. I was saddened when Humberto told me he was no longer with the company, however, still not alarmed. Humberto said he would have a close contact call me that still worked for ADT.

The first time I learned of anything about the move that was not accurate from what I was originally told was from the person on April 25th. He said that first, I had a 3 year contract and not 2 year as ADT did not do 2 year contracts and that I would still have to pay AND do another 3 year contract. I was extremely dumbfounded as that was COMPLETELY not what I had signed up for. I requested that someone from ADT please call me back and he said he would call me.

This is the first time I never received a follow up call. I then called into the 800 number. I was told that this would be immediately escalated and that it would be taken care of. Then, for the second time, no response.

I called two days later very alarmed at this point and was told that if management had not called me in 24 hours they would then escalate it and said they did not see the first time I called in. I called back for the third time to ADT a day later and at this point a Brian gave me a sales manager number and transferred me to a “David Brunzan” David was the second extremely rude sales manager. He heard me out told me that I “misunderstood” and again said ADT didn’t do 2 year contracts so he would have to look into this and that he would call me back in 30 minutes. This is another time I never heard back from an ADT employee that told me they would follow up and assist.

At that point I was extremely frustrated. I felt like and still feel like the SECURITY company I signed onto had lied and scammed me. So since ADT realized I was moving to West Palm, they had that office call to try to take more of my money and not provide any form of resolution. I had responded to the requested email from Brian that simply had David’s information on it.

I explained that I was so dissatisfied and disgusted at this point I wanted to permanently end my contract. I told ADT on 25th when they informed me that the agent I had been speaking with had lied to me that there were only 2 options for my move: 1.) Do what I originally was told by ADTS representative and agreed to which was that there was no charge when I moved and that I could finish the remainder of my contract in west palm beach OR 2.) End my contract without penalty since not only did ADT lie to me but also had put me through the ringer and provided the worst customer service I have ever experienced. The ADT associate Rich in West Palm heard me out and let me know that he would get with his manager and we could come to a resolution. I then made a called to ADT’s customer service department and was transfer to a Sasha.

Sasha treated me the worst out of anyone. She again said that I misunderstood and that if I didn’t have anything in writing that she couldn’t help. She said she could give me 50% a cancellation fee that came to over $300 and I said I wanted to speak with her boss. She said that that wouldn’t be possible.

I asked that she have her direct manager call me back, she again said no to this request. At this point I was almost to tears and furious. I told her I needed her manager to call me back and that her level of unprofessional and lack of customer service was unacceptable. She responded, “I guess you can’t speak to my manager if I disconnect the line” and as she laughed under her breath she hung up on me.

This was the ULTIMATE form of insult and shows how poorly ADT treats their customers and how little they care about them. Rich called me back a few days later and told me his manager was very upset to hear that this was happening and he requested I send another email to Brian and when he did not respond, he said that his office would get me resolution as this was not the way ADT conducted business or treated customers. I let Rich know I really needed a solution as the date was approaching for my move. I also let him know how Sasha had treated me.

He then said that he would help and requested that in order to assist I needed to go through the chain of command and he requested that since he would deal with it on the back end that I not mention his name. I called him back in 24 hours when I did not hear back and he said he would speak to his manager and get back to me. A day later Rich called and said that his manager called and spoke to David Bruzan and he said that since Humberto had been a trusted employee there was nothing he could do. I became livid at this point.

Told Rich that this was acceptable and that I needed his manager to call me back. It’s been two days and I have still not heard back. This brings us to today. 9 days before I move.

I am so upset, disgusted and appalled by ADT and how they have treated me since April 25th, I would never work with this company another day in my life. The business I am in word of mouth is the strongest form of marketing. It takes a lifetime to get a customer to come through your doors, and only a few seconds for them to leave and never come back. ADT needs to resolve this issue within the next day.

I have given ADT ample time to make this right and the time is up. I have never in my life experienced such disrespect and lies from a company. The behavior of ADT and it’s employees is a disgrace to what a security company stands for.

I will continue to pursue action until this is resolved. Someone needs to understand from a customer’s perspective how this feels to your customer and understand that if this is not resolved properly, I will continue to go up the chain of command and let everyone I know and on social media I will continue to tell everyone what has happened to me and how much of a lie and scammed I was conned into all for the sake of getting me to sign on the dotted line.

Product or Service Mentioned: Adt Customer Care.

Reason of review: They lied to get me to sign and will not help with ending the contract.

Preferred solution: They need to let me out of my contract since I was lied to. .

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Chicago Ridge, Illinois, United States #1326635

If you gave them any monies via your credit card file a complaint with your credit card bank.

You could also contact the attorney general for your state...or a lawyer.

I personally don't trust ADT. At all.

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