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I have been with ADT for 20 years..all good until

I had an expensive up grade. 5 k thought I had all bases

covered. I had a previous flood in 3 level of home due to

water heater. So added a water sensor in basement to sound

an alarm if this happened again

Well it did happen Again.. lucky we were at home or this could have

been a disaster for us. Lucky we at home. My husband went down for

a bottle of wine, and found 'Hot" water coming from water heater

about 2 inches deep..sauna like steam. I thought hum. Why No alarm?

Came to find out there was "NO"flood monitor installed ever. I looked at my

contract dated clearly stated Flood monitor was installed..I charged

for it part of the 5 k,and was being charged a monthly fee for 4 in a half years

for something I did not have. I was shocked and angry..having false security

all these pun intended.

I thought surely customer service would want to right this wrong and compensate

for this shoddy work. No deal. they offered to put in a sensor and did.. but very little


I have been getting the run around feeling patronized..stunning lack of response

from the customer service..they love taking your money ..and all is good until something

goes wrong..they leave you hanging..shame on you ADT

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