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Deceptive Practice!

For those of you who have or about to have the ADT Pulse System installed, arming it in the “Stay” mode using your smart mobile device app, you do not have security of “No Delay Entry” arming. If you have this system installed, you and your family are seriously at risk and you probably wasn’t informed of this during the sale of this service.

I found this anomaly shortly afterwards or rather a couple months of having the system installed. One morning I accidentally opened the garage door while the system was armed and went into the garage and returned and the alarm did not trigger. At first, I’m thinking maybe the system malfunctioned, so I tested the system with other zones and found the same problem with all zones that there is a 45 second delay before the alarm is triggered. Not knowing what the problem was I got in touch with the sales rep and informed him of the problem.

Long story short, I began working with several entities in the ADT organization to try to rectify this problem, trying to get them to understand that this delay in triggering the alarm is a problem if there is an intrusion and you and your family are asleep. Believe it or not, I had several folks try to convince me this is a normal feature. The one comment was hilariously stupid I might say, “if a burglar enters and is trying to disarm the system and have not done so within the 45-seconds the arm will trigger and awaken you”. After several of these conversations I began to realize they were trying to cover up something and that is the Pulse system was engineered flawed and there was no way overcome this problem if arming the system in the “Stay mode" with the mobile app.

Their only suggestion was to arm the system using a series of manual commands from the secondary panel that was installed with the system or a tertiary panel that they will install in another location or with a key fob, all of which they will provide.

Their offer of additional equipment to overcome this problem I declined because the last thing I wanted was additional or outdated equipment in my house or to carry around a key fob when I specifically asked for a system that I can manage using my mobile devices. After this went on for a couple weeks and they didn’t offer a better solution, I began inquiring about their 6-month customer satisfaction guaranty and this is where it got ugly.

They tell me this problem doesn’t fall under the satisfaction agreement and that I would be obligated for 75% of the remainder of the contract.

The bigger problem here is the customer is not made aware of this upfront during sales or installation. So, what does all this means to the average customer; YOUR HOME AND FAMILY IS NOT SECURE IN THE "Stay Mode" using the smartphone app!

Product or Service Mentioned: Adt Pulse Security System Plan.

Reason of review: Warranty issue.

Monetary Loss: $1200.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

ADT Cons: Support, Defensive customer service agents, That no one will actually fix this.

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