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Senior Executives at reputable companies welcome customer feedback and use this information to:

1. Improve the quality of their products and services

2. Improve the underlying people, process and technology

3. Strengthen the partnership with the customer by becoming a trusted advisor

4. Make doing business with the vendor as easy as possible by establishing balanced and mutually beneficial terms and conditions

5. Demonstrate integrity and urgency by establishing and meeting firm dates for completing corrective actions and other customer deliverables.

ADT IS NOT A REPUTABLE COMPANY. They are not interested in customer feedback and when received, it is not used to acheive any of the above listed service improvements. ADT's senior leadership including the CEO simply ignore direct communications from customer executives.

Reputable companies retain customers by providing high quality products and services resulting in high levels of customer satisfaction. ADT's customer retention relies upon the use of egregiously self favoring, long term contracts that severely penalize early customer terminations. As an example, Limitation of liability is mentioned 34 times in a 10 page contract from ADT. Limitations only apply to them and are not mutual. ADT can terminate the agreement for any reason at any time. Spectrum's only way out of an ADT contract is to pay all associated payments due over its life.

As the Chief Information Officer at Spectrum Health Systems (Addiction treatment) I spent ~2 yrs. trying to get our local ADT account team to address chronic, severe and ultimately life-threatening service failures (See attachment for details). We outlined our service specs and educated ADT on fundamentals of service management with absolutely no improvement. What’s worse, our ADT account executive SHOWED UP DRUNK to a meeting at our inpatient rehab facility. Yes, drunk in front of clients struggling with substance abuse.

The 2 years of ADT failures placed Spectrum’s patient/staff safety and regulatory compliance at unacceptably high levels of risk which triggered a formal, internal vendor performance audit. The audit’s primary recommendation was to replace ADT with a competitor. These results along with a request for release from remaining contracts were reviewed with ADT’s regional general manager on 9/20/18. The regional GM referred Spectrum’s contract to Nicole Green, Executive Customer Relations Manager, from ADT’s office of the CEO. Ms. Green promised an answer in 2 weeks, then cancelled our meeting without rescheduling or providing a status for 5 weeks. The local ADT team was also unable to get an update from Ms. Green. Thus, after 5 weeks of waiting, Spectrum emailed ADT’s CEO, Jim DeVries on 12/11/18.

18 days have passed and as of 12/21/18, Mr. DeVries’ office has provided no formal answer or acknowledgement of this message. We did finally receive a message from Ms. Green on 12/17 saying request is still under consideration and Spectrum would just have to wait. No mea culpa from ADT, no decision, no timetable for decision. Today is January 28, 2019. Six weeks have passed since Nicole Green's most recent communication and it has been 16 weeks since our original request for release. See attached vendor scorecard showing how ADT has failing grades are virtually every sub-criteria. It is important to note that ADT has not objected to any of the documentation Spectrum provided showing the specific examples where ADT failed.

Spectrum is a not for profit business with limited resources. We gave ADT 2 years to take corrective actions to address the various failures and to better stand behind their products and services. ADT elected to not take any corrective actions and two years later, the safety of our patients and staff remains in severe jeopardy. So does our ability to remain compliant with DEA security requirements. Spectrum has been a client for over 15 years and has spent well over $1 million dollars with ADT. We are on the front lines in the fight against the national Opioid epidemic and ADT has put our mission at risk. ADT could not care less.

Spectrum should be released from our existing ADT contracts and allowed to ensure we have adequate physical access control technology and services to ensure patient/staff safety and regulatory compliance.

Product or Service Mentioned: Adt Customer Care.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Monetary Loss: $73400.

Preferred solution: Immediate release from all ADT service contracts.

ADT Pros: Helpfulness of newly assigned regional general manager.

ADT Cons: Will not allow me to cancel, Sales, Unethical billing and staff.

  • Lack of service after sale
  • support delay
  • Service Failed
  • Contract Breach
  • Escalation Process Missing
  • Outdated Equipment
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