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Be forwarned if you subscribe to ADT trying to cancel will *** you off. My mother is 87 years old and moved from another state to live with me (her son) I called to cancel her ADT services and was on hold 12 minutes (I clocked it) I spoke to a representative who took my information then put me on hold for another 7 minutes.

The person I spoke to said she couldn't cancel the account and I had to fax a letter. I prepared and faxed to # given but it wasn't a valid #. I got online and called a different toll free # to ADT and was put on hold again for 4 minutes waiting to speak to a representative. She took my information and put me on hold AGAIN for 7 more minutes.

I spoke to another representative who gave me different instructions for the letter to cancel services and 2 different fax #'s than previously given. First time I faxes the letter it wouldn't go through. Second time I got confirmation.

I've spent nearly an hour trying to cancel ADT. Will NEVER deal with them again!!!!!

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I am on hold for another hour. Third call today.

I had to switch to another security company because ADT failed to connect alarm with device so gave false appearance of functioning when not. Home invasion failed to trigger alarm or panic response so had to call police. Then when asking ADT why the failure, was told that the device and alarm system were never connected despite receiving two years and an installation fee. Old Bitty in accounting dept said we would be refunded but please pay another installation fee that will be reimbursed from bill deduction.

That did not transpire and once more the alarm did not work so we switched security companies and cancelled ADT. But ADT still tries to claim the account open. Billing threatens negative credit report.

Meanwhile owes client for two years service plus installation fee. Lawsuit anyone?


I am experiencing the same issue! It is sooo frustrating!!! If you don't mind give me their working fax number it would be greatly appreciated!!


it took me one five minute call no problem at all .. no letters... no numbers none of that


ADT has installed a system in my house with constant false alarms. Technicians have been here three times and can't fix it. When I attempted to cancel, they stated I would have to pay 75% of the contract price, even though their system is broken.


Sounds to me like you were trying to cancel someone's account other than yourself. This was no doubt out of good intentions.

But ADT can't just cancel accounts without proper authority.

ADT took good steps in protecting their customers interests, and you were able to still get what you needed for your mother.


"Just trying to protect their customers interests"? You must work for ADT or you can't read.

Get the service and try to cancel it. My mother was with me while on the phone and gave them permission to speak with me. I faxed them a letter signed by her and it still was a hassle. Her signed letter asked them to send the final bill to my address which they didn't do.

I had to jump through hoop again and go thru three different people to change the address to get a final bill. Less than NO CHANCE I'll ever have anything to do with this company again.

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