Spring Lake, North Carolina

For starters, I called ADT sales and was agreed to basic service not the pulse so I paid over the phone the 100.00 installation fee with the understanding that my monthly bill would be around 44.00 since I don't have lane line and will be using cellular. The sales agent told me the tech can come the next day and plan for around 2 hours.

I thought this was pretty good, in addition to getting a 100.00 rebate. Well the tech came the next day on time at 9 am. He told me how he was going to evaluate my risks for invasion outside/inside my home and explain to me throughly ADT security. He went on to say he only has my visit that day to ensure he gave my installation full attention.

Everything sound ok until he said that part. Why does a tech has only one installation a day I figure but ok. Now I'm going to tell you why, this tech talked about the security around my house, attempting to scare me thinking "oh I'm so at risk, I need more than what I signed up for yesterday". This went on for 2 hours, now its 11 am and I'm tired and frustrated because I thought he was going to just hook it up and go.

NO... this tech then began to lay out all this equiptment on my table telling me I absolutely need window monitoring, smoke detectors, pulse system, pulse locks on my doors, and on and on for 2000,00 and can get a payplan for the equiptment in addition to my monthy bill.By

this time, I'm really upset I told him I no longer want the services and to leave. He then called his manager who talk to me telling me I don't have to get it all but give me a deal for 299.00. Oh I forgot, my system in place they couldn't use so I have to use all of their equiptment.

I said no, so they convince me to just keep what I had and the tech will install that...well wasn't that the whole intend when I called yesterday! So I say ok, now he's installing and tells me I need to at least get the smoke detectors. Smoke detectors that they put beside your own smoke detectors. Are they Crazy!!

By this time its 215pm, I was so mad I told him to take down any equiptment and I absolutely don't want it. Of course, now he's upset because he's says he won't get paid. I told him I don't care, I will pay your visit today but I don't want ADT. He called his manager again, the 5th or more time as if he was not going to allow me to stop the installation.

I was at a point to if you don't get this out my home I'm calling the police. So he's upset, remove their equiptment and refused to reconnect my intrusion system that was working fine before he came, stating it wasn't working anyway. I called the sales and told them what happen of course they didn't care but did refund my money or so they say. I will be contacting my bank.

I would not recommend this to my worst enemy. I'm so happy that I cancel the installation even though it was midway but to have a 3 year contract would be horrible time.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

ADT Cons: Product or customer service, Lack of ethics.

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I am a current ADT customer. I replaced a kitchen window and now my system does not work.

When I called ADT to get the window wiring reconnected so my system would work the technical Booker told me it would be $99 for first half hour then $25 each additional 15 minuets. I asked how long it took to do the job and they said, we do not know. I said, I can not just give you a blank check to repair the window sensor. ADT said that is how we work.

I am furious and looking for a new security system.



Hello. My name is Andrew and I work with ADT's corporate office.

I would like to apologize for this experience in addition to the inconvenience it caused. We'd certainly like to look into this further and make sure this was addressed with the representatives involved. Can you please email us your contact information for where the service was going to be located, in addition to any formation on the rep that came to your home, to AlwaysThere@adt.com and we'll follow up?

Thank you. -Andrew

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