Little Rock, Arkansas

A sales person for this company came to my home and sold a burglar alarm to my husband. When I called back questioning why the rates were so much higher than ADT, I was told that ADT has their own rates and although they are affiliated, they could not honor the rate being given by ADT which included a senior citizen discount.

I contacted my daughter and we contacted their customer service department; the lady we spoke with stated that in order to cancel we would need to fax in a cancellation request and the fax information was given. She put in a request to have the sales representative call me and he did trying to have me to keep the service. I stated along with my daughter on the line that I no longer wanted the service and that the rates were too expensive. The representative used additional tactics to try and keep the service but we again declined and confirmed the fax number for the cancellation with him.

On 05/14/12, on two (2) separate occasions, a cancellation letter was sent to ensure that the company was in receipt of the cancellation request.It was not until July 2012 that I realized that they failed to cancel the account as my checking account was drafted for the monthly fee. I contacted their office and advised that I had cancelled almost 60 days prior, at which time I was advised that there was no record of either of the fax request. At the time I was unable to find the fax and the fax confirmations and had no other proof that I had requested to cancel (in writing) as I verbally told the customer service representative and the sales representative on 05/14/12. I have found the fax and fax confirmations and contacted the company’s office this morning and was told that the reason that my service was not cancelled was not due to being unable to find the fax cancellation request, but that the sales representative advised them that I wanted to keep the service.

This is absolutely false; I have not spoken with the sales representative since I requested that the service be cancelled in May 2012. For the aggravation that this company has caused I should charge them for the false and misleading actions of their sales representative. I want all monies owed to me refunded immediately. I have paid a total of $244.73 to date for the services.

I can provide you with copies of the fax confirmations to Elite requesting that it be cancelled effective immediately.I filed a BBB complaint in October 2012 in which I was advised that I would receive a refund for all monies paid by November 15, 2012….well 77 DAYS later, I have yet to receive my refund and each call to ADT creates but another horrible experience. I am re-filing my BBB Complaint and I will try to file with whomever else regulates ADT because this is utterly ridiculous.

Product or Service Mentioned: Adt Sales Representative.

Monetary Loss: $245.

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I'm currently dealing with the exact same thing. Luckily for me, I mailed the cancellation notice certified the VERY next business day after installation and had them sign when received.

Even then it's been almost three months and the account still has not been canceled because they did not have a record of receiving the cancellation notice. This seems really shady.

I have spoken to both ADT and Protect Your Home (adt dealer) and have faxed the notice with proof of delivery several times. Finally they have contacted me to schedule a date to remove the system, however even this seems shady...what if they remove the system and I still don't get my refund which is OVER $1,700


I work for ADT, I suggest threatening to take them to small claims court if they do not refund you for your money and that they still havent cancel the service even though you did. You will see them change their act real fast. if they dont then really do take them to small claims court

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