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We signed on with ADT specifically for the Brivo interface used with the access card system and the ability to link this interface and card system with surveillance cameras in the future. The readers constantly loose communication with the Brivo program, and each and everytime their tech claims its the internet service dropping out (all the while the same internet is working for everyone in the building just fine). This of course is after it takes up to a week and a half to get the tech there (admittedly, this last instance it "only" took 3 days) and dealing with his snarky attitude. But the icing on the cake, for us, came when we went to install the cameras. Having been assured they would work seemlessly with the Brivo interface... yeah, they have NEVER worked together. Half the time the cameras don't even work, and the user interface is extremely unfriendly for going back to view footage.

In another of our properties we have cameras provided by Ovation Networks - LOVE them. So easy to use and view footage, always working, has not lost internet connection in the over 3 years they've been installed, AND unlock ADT's, I can even access them remotely.

In this same property we elected for access cards and readers through Involta - again, LOVE them. Have had no problems and the customer service is fast and effective.

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Same issue with our brivo Adt system - was told battery back up on our router will solve - brivo is solid I've called and posed as a tech and they are great - ADT has been a bad experience


Does anyone have any feedback on a company called Turnkey Integrators providing Brivo as I am unable to find any reviews on Turnkey Integrators?



Add proper surge protection and make certain the wire is the proper type and Size


I get so tired of people blaming products like Brivo when I typically find the installation as the problem and not the products.

In Brivo's case their products are fine and do work. Sounds to me that your installer isn't professional and that's what needs replaced


Hello i just ran across your post and would like to help resolve the issues - i am the Brivo regional manager and can be reached at 414-233-4202 i look forward to connecting


Sorry to hear that you are having issues. Have you contacted Brivo directly?


The problem is ADT not brivo. I install a ton of brivo and its a solid product.

Common sense tells you to call brivo and have them stand behind thier product.

I known they will. Im sure the rep in your area will set you up with a knowledgable dealer.



For two months our Brivo system has been going down continuously. We have had countless visits by ADT techs who are all very nice but completely ineffective. The problem is the BRIVO system logs can't be reached outside the panel.

The only way to let our people into the building when it is down is to reset the panel which flushes the logs.

For four+ weeks in a row I have had to let people in on Saturday, Sunday and Monday.

The person who sold us the system has never bothered to respond to my e-mails and our next step is legal action to compel ADT to remove the system and refund us the 30+ thousand dollars we spent to install it.

From my experience I would beg people to avoid installing the BRIVO system.


It's ADT dip stick.

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