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BEWARE and STAY AWAY from ADT. This is the most unscrupulous company I have ever dealt with in my entire life. If it were possible I'd rate them negative ZERO stars because the one star you are forced to give them on all the rating sites is much too good for them. I signed up with them at the end of June in Jefferson, LA. because the house I purchased already had security equipment in it which was a big selling point for me. Their sales guy, Ramon Llorens, said that it was compatible with their service. Lie number one. The install tech ended up removing all of my equipment and then botched the installation of the ADT equipment. Three of the system boxes are actually dangling from the wall. And rather than a lock and key to close the main box like my old box had, he rigged it by shoving a screw in the hole to keep the door closed. Also, after I stressed to the installation tech that I did not want ANY blinking lights in my bedroom, which is where the old equipment was installed. He promised me there would be no blinking lights in the bedroom, but what did he do? He put it in there anyway and I have been forced to sleep on the sofa due to the light flashing constantly and keeping me awake all night. He even damaged my closet door so that it will not close all the way anymore. Ironically, the very next day I received a postcard in the mail from ADT offering this same service for HALF the price they gave me. So, I called the sales guy, Ramon, and told him I was unhappy with the installation, sent him a photo of the postcard and told him I wanted to cancel the contract. He said he was unable to help me and referred me to his supervisor, Chris Clark, who assured me that if I didn't cancel that day, he would contact me after the 4th of July holiday to get everything correctly installed. That date came and went...I heard nothing. No call as promised. I might add that this was now conveniently (for them) passed the 3-day cancellation period. A month passed and still the system wasn't working. I called again to cancel the contract and as I guessed they refuse to cancel it saying it was now passed the 3-day cancellation period. After dozens of unanswered calls, texts, emails, and online chats to get the install is still not working and they are still holding me to this fraudulent contract. It's almost comical how quickly my calls were returned before I signed that fraudulent contract. ADT is ABSOLUTELY THE WORST company that I've ever dealt with and I hope no one else ever has to go through that. They seriously need to be shut down for their unscrupulous business practices. Even their positive google reviews were bought and paid for. I'm betting mine will be removed within days, but I will repost them on every review site, Facebook page, and complaint sites, over and over, so they can no longer steal from other customers. Top it off, the tech stole the equipment I purchased with my home. He never even asked if he could take it. And the company refuses to return it. A neighbor who works for ADT said it's my own responsibility to tell them not to take it. I informed him that, NO, it is not my responsibility to see to it that their employees do not leave my home with my property. That is theft!

I hope that everyone heeds the thousands of warnings about ADT in online reviews and complaints. They force you to sign a contract via a tablet type contraption and rush you while you try to read it and sign it. You have no time to actually read it thoroughly as they need to rush off to their next appointment. There is no reason anyone should be locked into an expensive contract with a THREE DAY cancellation window with a terrible company in order to pay more for substandard service and outdated equipment. There are a lot of options that do not require a contract at all - try any of those first. They have top notch up to date equipment too. These are companies that keep their customers happy based on being good honest companies with which to do business instead of using unscrupulous practices to get customers stuck in worthless contracts with huge exit costs the way ADT does. Did I mention that the ADT service sucks???

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Product or Service Mentioned: Adt Security System Plan.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $1700.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

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Pete K

They are the worst! Signed on with ADT to receive monthly monitoring.

System Installed by Defender (ADT certified contractor). July 2018 First Service to troubleshoot cloud link under warranty with Defender Technician comes and reprograms switch and peripherals. Good service call. Cloud link periodically goes off scan, cannot be reset unless you are at the location of the switch.

Calls to Tech Support are marginally successful, remote assistance cannot be offered. Cycling the switch will not always reset link. Defender installation warranty expires and ADT takes over service calls. Things go downhill fast.

Service call from ADT to reset switch 8/27/18 (confirm Date) Reset camera and cloud link, made changes to connectivity settings by (Jerome). 8/31/18 cloud link, camera and lock fails. No remote access Tech perform service call to replace the cloud link but does not have part (Jerome). reschedules appointment but uses incorrect schedule date of 12-5 pm instead of 5-8 pm for Friday as discussed.

Call to reschedule appointment to 9/10/18 but Technician (Jerome, no last name was given by ADT) fails to show up. Contacting ADT to complain, ADT says he was there but nobody let him in and he called (973-600-0962). This is not true, but now a pattern is established of avoidance and falsification of events by the company (ADT). Rescheduled service appointment to 9/12/18.

Technician shows up 40 min late (Tech Name). Tech becomes frustrated very quickly after failure to program new cloud link switch. He aggressively demands that Mary Selleroli opens her personal computer to change settings by local internet provider and “he will sit down with her and now he has to cancel all his other appointments for the evening” in a derogatory tone. A confrontation occurs due to this behavior and tech abandons job (Jerome) and storms out the door.

After numerous phone calls and manager discussions, we have yet to receive any sort of apology or condolence for such unprofessional service from the technician (Technician Name: Jerome, no last name was given to scustomer) or his supervisor. ADT tried to point the finger at one of their contractors (Defender) for the previous incident with the technician (Jerome) . Defender was not responsible after investigating the incident over the phone. Service rescheduled for 9/14/18 between 5-8 pm.

Still no alarm remote fuction. Never have I dealt with such unprofessionalism than with ADT


I'm finally getting out of my contract by paying off early. After giving my 30 day notice they took my payment out on Aug 23, and then took it out again on Aug 25.

I quess they didn't think I would notice. This is the most scandalous company I have ever dealt with. My wireless key lock didn't work the whole time.

Sept 2018 I will be done with them. Thank God

@Lorrie Dockins

Did u get your money back for them taking it twice. They have caused us so much heartache. Lies defer stall promise back to lies defer stall promise back yo lies....


Hello Bonnie- We appreciate you reaching back out to us, and for reporting your concerns with the service. You have ADT's sincere apologies for your installation experience, and continued trouble with the system.

We wish to offer our assistance in reviewing your concerns further, and facilitating a resolution. If there are any outstanding concerns we may help you with, please E-Mail us at

Please be sure to reference your review ID (1340882). ~Tréchell

@Atha is an even bigger joke than your company. You people are extortionists who force people to pay for worthless contracts of inadequate service.

I have made 4 payments to your company and STILL have no service nor do I have my equipment back that your tech stole from me. ADT is the biggest sham in the home security field.

@Pissed consumer

Hello Pissed Consumer- We're unaware of having previously worked with you. If we may be of assistance, please be encouraged to E-mail us. ~Tréchell



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