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I had been a loyal customer for over 18 years and had my account set up on automated debit. I started my contract with a landline phone and eventually disconnected with my phone carrier and so I switched to have my alarm system to be linked to my cell phone approximatly 2 or more years ago.

At that time I called ADT and was advised that a tech would have to come out to update the equipment to correspond with my cell phone. So we scheduled, the tech came and everything was great so I thought! Recently, I noticed that I was not being contacted when my system would be going off. No phone call from ADT or nothing!

I would come home from work with my system blaring but never received a call from ADT which prompted me to contact them in November 2019. Of course, they have no record of any of this, nothing that I've mentioned prior to this point! The first call I was told I need to be home with the system so they can run some tests. I was at work and told them I will call back.

I made several attempts of contact but to no resolve just a bunch of customer service reps speaking of ADT policies no CUSTOMER service. Today, I asked for the loyalty dept (no such thing as I was informed), I was told my account was never switched to my cell...and that my system has not been in communication with ADT well over 2 years. (PISSED!) I asked when do they last see AST communicating with my system, they say they can't say at this time. I stated I've been paying for a service that was not connected for more than 2 years since I disconnected the landline.

As a resolve, last rep I spoke with said he can offer to set me up with a new system install and waive the cost of $250 and waive one of my billing cycles $123.13 if I choose to move forward with ADT. BUT THAT'S ALL HE CAN DO! (Very firm) He can't go backward and provide me a refund for the period my system wasn't communicating because I had a role to play in this, I was advised in my contract over 18 years ago may I add that I must test my account monthly. I asked for a printout of the last time I pressed the testing button on my panel (Which I've done recently.).

My keypad does not show any errors or codes, nothing is flashing red or anything. He then asked what do I think would be a good refund, I said atleast a year of billing since ADT was not able to communicate with my system and continued to debit my account. He stated no, no he can't get that approved. So I canceled my account with ADT.

The rep said that was the best reasonable offer he can make and I will receive a prorated refund since my account has been debited already for this period (NOT EVEN A FULL REFUND!). Unbelievable!

Product or Service Mentioned: Adt Security System.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $1000.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

ADT Cons: Blaming the customer for their mistakes, Awful customer service.

  • Epic Fail
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Hello- We would be happy to address this with you further and do apologize for the frustration this has caused! Please email our team at with a a reference to your review and the address in which the services a located. ~ Eileen


In the future, you might wish to reconsider using a debit card entirely for anything or allowing anyone to automatically take monies from your bank account. Rather dangerous, as you can appreciate now.

As to ADT, it appears they are saying you are partially negligent in not testing the system monthly and, if you had would have found out the system was out of whack.

At this point, probably nothing you can do regarding a refund other than what they offered, so find another security company if you really need one. Just remember, just because auto payment is easy, doesn't mean it is a safe way to pay bills.

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