Webster, Minnesota
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THESE *** ALARM COMPANIES *** sales ling *** won't stop harassing their solicitation junk mail list.

I have read nothing but complaints, and I am sure that their are Naughty-words have been mention, which, I shall not and am obvious prohibited repeating.

The point is. It does not manner which Alarm Company, they are all the same. they lie about their contracts, false alarms. too many will be fines, disturbing your neighbors, and confusing

Ones House-keeper and other people whom may have permission to enter your house, may not understand how it operates.

up to 20% off your home insurance. sure when they get the loot.

Therefore, one night, a young punk sales clerk came to my house. wanted to talk about his alarm company, the nosy punk knew that I was not hook up. I said: 2x Stop your solicitation.

This punk said, 2x I'm not solicitating you.

The 3rd time. I slammed the door in his face.

It drives my dog nuts, and barking at this junk he is the right too. too say that my dog was barking inside my house is not Illegal. he is not going be-on the door.

Anytime. one does not want some young punks mail, just slam the door, and if you have, even, your loving dog, she/he will bark, and that person will get lost.

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Horrible liars. Hidden billing.

Unscrupulous thieves!! Don't care about customers at all.

Quite experienced at what they do!!!! DON'T GET ADT!!!!

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