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Do not do business with ADT Security Company. They are not a reputable company.

I have had their service since January 18, 2005, and the monthly charge is $46.94 and is about to increase again. I discovered that a local company charges only $16.00 per month. The new company was unable to set the ADT Lock out Code to default so I can use the old alarm and ADT refuses to give the code to me. This means I will need to buy an entire new alarm system for about $700.00.

(My system is a “Safewatch PRO 3000EN) Even after the alarm has been entirely paid off, it is technically not yours because you can’t use it unless ADT is your security provider.

It’s unbelievable that they can do this and are able to belong to the Better Business Bureau.

ADT is very devious about free installation or a small fee to install but if you fall for this, you end up paying several thousand dollars for an alarm that is worth only a few hundred dollars. Instead of buying anything from ADT, get with a local alarm company and get references from some of their existing customers.

Product or Service Mentioned: Adt Security System.

Monetary Loss: $700.

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I just find out today that I can't get the code and I know the equipment is paid off. I will never go back to them anyway. Each time you call someone lies to you about a service and their equipment updates.


All Security Companies have their own lockout code. None will give you that lockout code.

ADT Lockout used to be 6321.

Since they were bought out, they have changed to a new one. Your system may have the 6321 code in it.


Thanks anonymous for the tip.


Apparently there are two codes; one for ADT and another for the installer. The new company is one of the largest in the country and a personal friend and thy can't break the code without installing a new computer board.


If your new alarm company can't get into the security panel then they are not reliable company. Most companies knows the code is 6321 or the last 4 of your account number, you don't have to go with adt but do go with someone who knows what they are doing


Most "lock-out" codes are not the last for digits of your account number. The lock-out code can be the tech's birthday date, an alarm company standard code (which is never given out)or any other variable mixed set of numbers like a password.

I have resorted to changing out the panel board several times because some companies will not "un-lock" panel.

Go with a local company and ask for references the good ones will un-lock their panels and not hold you hostage unless of course you owe them money but then fair is fair. 36 years in the biz

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