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Where do I start? Well as soon as I expressed an interest about getting an alarm installed ADT rep was there in a flash the next day, contract in hand! We agreed on a 99$ deal and signed. Next I heard NOTHING!

I had to call them and find out when I was supposed to be getting my alarm installed! about two weeks later I get a bill for over 200$!!! The bill was also sent to the WRONG ADDRESS and my husbands name was spelled wrong! And these people are supposed to be handling my security? What if someone breaks in they will send the cops to the wrong house!?

I call to complain and can't get through to anyone! Finally when I do speak with someone they say that it is part of a mail in rebate! Rep made NO comments about this AT ALL! They say they will fix name and address. Finally three weeks after contract was signed and hounding the rep to get me an appointment he calls one morning and says he is coming now! Great warning buddy! The kid comes to set up and was great. They were quick and friendly so I decided to show him my 200$ bill. HE HAD NO IDEA WHY I WAS BEING CHARGED THAT!

He called the company and had them remove it! Which is all great but what if I would of just sent it in? I would be out 200$ and I bet no one would be calling to reimburse me! I gave him a check for the 50$ monthly bill for the first month. The next day I get a message from ADT confirming my appointment for the following day! WHAT?! Don't you people know where you have already installed and where you hadn't?

Now I just received a bill for 100$ instead of the 49$ and some change that I was supposed to of owed for this month since I already paid the first to the guy who installed. The bill also was addressed to the wrong house with the wrong name on it STILL!!! When I call they say the billing lady is gone, leave her a message. I did, it has been three days and still no word. I will probably pay the 100$ and they will cash my one for 50$ and they can make some more money off of me and still remain the most incompetent company in the history of the world!

Product or Service Mentioned: Adt Security System.

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:? great!!! just what u want in a security company!!

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