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I received a call from an ADT telemarketer offering their security product. I told them I already have a security system and that I was not interest in switching.

The telemarketer proceeded to tell me to stuff it up my ***. Is that a way to treat someone? Is this the kind of company you want running your security? The quality of people they hire to do their marketing is a reflection on them and their lack of discretion in the people they hire.

I guess this is what you get when you don't pay a decent wage. It's reflected in the work they get out of the person. I then called ADT to complain about the person and they refused to take responsibility for this, explaining it was an outsourced company and they can't be held responsible for what happens, even though they are hired by ADT to sell their product. What a crock!!!

I would not recommend anyone purchasing this product.

Not only are the people rude, but do you want your security in the hands of a company who can't take responsibility for their actions? Not me!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Adt Security System.

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You are not their customer, so what did you want them to do for you?


Very few ADT authorized dealers perform outbound calls. Most of the marketing is by mailers and then the clients call in. Your experience was bad but ADT home security is a good quality service.


You were probably rude to the telemarketer and deserved it.


are you feeling alright??


yeah you're right.

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